Final 2 with fireworks

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CIK-FIA World Karting Championship, Genk (B), 3 September 2011

Once again, Flavio Camponeschi builds a big gap in the early stages, while De Vries is busy with traffic...

report Vroom / photos Sportinphoto


Once up to second place, the young Dutch driver starts setting fastest laps (even 2 tenths faster than the leader). With plenty of laps to go, the gap is still wide. And yet, for De Vries everything seems possible… his driving style is exceptionally neat at every turn, and Camponeschi starts feeling the heat. Comes the last lap, and De Vries is shadowing the Italian, who exits the slowest turn of the circuit using a very defensive line, while De Vries is once again perfect. Unlike the Italian, he exits the corner much faster and incredibly hits Camponeschi from behind, who ends the race on the grass.
A very controversial end, and the final decision is left to the stewards...


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