World Cup for KZ1-KZ2 - Looking for Number 1

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The meeting to see who the number one of the 125 gear class, KZ1 and KZ2 will be hosted in Genk, Belgium on September 4th.


As for the challenge in KZ1, there will certainly be more excitment this time than in the last edition, 2010, held in Braga, seeing as we will be seeing lots of titled drivers who have hit the lime ligth over the past five years, drivers who were not competing in last year’s edition that was easily won by Lammers. Obviously, we are talking about Thonon, Ardigò, Forè, Kozlinski, and then also European Champion De Conto and Bressan, leading protagonists in theItalian Championship. Then there are lots of other skilled drivers who could well get into the fight and surprise everyone, just like in Braga where Finland’s Kurki-Suonio on Tm powered Ninar chassis grabbed podium. This year the results are uncertain, difficult to forcast, out of the 38 entries there are 90% of them backed with experience (look at the list of entries), but the fvourites remain: Thonon, Lammers, De Conto, Ardigò, Iglesias, De Brabander, Bressan, Dreezen and the others to follow...
AS for the Cadet gear classes, Federer, present European Champion, is one who could stand out in the queen class. The rival to watch out for this time might well be Zanchetta, the one that, also in the Italian Championship manages to mark his rivals breathing down their neck. However, out of the 78 entries, in this case too, new names could come through, and rightly so. Then there are all the protagonists who were outstanding in the European Championship held in Wachersdorf ; for example Joel Johansson, or Torsellini, Celenta, Habulin, Wernersson, Kokko, Lucati, Janous, Van der Burgt, Oberg... A line up that promises nothing but excitment, however, Federer remains the reference point in the KZ2 team in Belgium.
Also KF1 World Championship protagonists will be on grid on occasion of the KZ1 and KZ2 World Cup in Genk. As for this event, there should be no surprises and, we are not the only ones who think that this final is easy to predict as we have already mentioned in the report of the rounds held in  Wachersdorf and Zuera. This is going to be De Vries’ championship, the second and last in karting... And we’d like to wish him all the best and repeat his victories in cars too... but this is another story.



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