Verstappen and CRG Get Their Revenge in KF3

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For CRG, the WSK Euro Series ended in Spain with a title for Max Verstappen in KF3, an excellent performance by Mirko Torsellini in KZ and a podium for Felice Tiene in KF1. Despite increasingly aggressive competitors at international level, the stunning list of achievements of this prestigious Italian chassis make and of Maxter engines continues to grow longer year after year. In parallel with these successes, CRG is already thinking ahead, to the preparation of next world meetings and to the homologation of new chassis. Work, Always Work…

KF3: Third WSK Title for Verstappen
After a run of bad luck at the European KF3 Championship 2011, where he was aiming to win the title before he suffered an accident, Max Verstappen (CRG-Parilla) did not have to wait long to win again. A week later, on the same Zuera circuit in Spain, the Dutch driver showed the immense potential of his kart by conquering the crown of WSK Euro Series champion. "With over 100 entrants, this victory has not been an easy task. Especially after the back pain I suffered at La Conca, which made me lose some points. As a consequence, my priority at Zuera was winning the title and it became possible after my victory in the pre-final. I was not so lucky in the final, where I went down to 5th, but it was no longer that important". Already winner of this Euro Series last year, as well as of the WSK World Series on 2010, Max Verstappen is looking forward to the World Cup to get his CRG to the front again.

KF1: CRG at the Heart of Action
After his two top-5 places achieved the previous week at the Spanish round of the World Championship, Felice Tiene (CRG-Maxter) and his team improved again the level of the CRG at the WSK. "On Saturday, everything went just fine. I participated in the Super Pole, I was third in the two heats and I kept pushing during Final 1 to reach 2nd place. On a circuit as complete as Zuera it really means a lot". An accident on the first heat the following day ruined his day, but then his team mate Jordon Lennox-Lamb took the baton. After a hard battle, he crossed the finish line of Final 2 in 8th place. On the other hand, Laura Tillett was struck by bad luck throughout the weekend, though her 4th time set during the first qualifying session had been very promising.

KZ: Sensational Torsellini
Racing in KZ2, Mirko Torsellini (CRG/Maxter-Tecsav) made an extraordinary tour de force by securing leadership in the KZ overall classification, ahead of all KZ1 drivers! He went beyond expectations by winning a heat with the fastest lap in the race and maintaining a place on the front row for Final 1. Finally, he won the KZ2 hands down on Saturday and took the second place overall, with only one KZ1 driver preceding him. On Sunday, Torsellini won again a heat, but just when the KZ2 was within his grasp, he could not move from the start grid of Final 2. Forced to retirement, he lost all his chances to win the Championship, which he finished 2nd. He also involved an unlucky Davide Forè, who had been very competitive since the start of the meeting. As for Arnaud Kozlinski and Jonathan Thonon, they battled until the end. Thanks to his engines coming straight from the Maxter factory, Kozlinski conquered a nice 5th place, while Thonon proved to be the best CRG driver in the Championship thanks to a 4th place overall.


Press Release by: CRG Racing Team - 04/08/11

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