Crg conquers the KF3 WSK Euro Series title with Verstappen

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In the fourth and last round of the WSK Euro Series, Verstappen confirms his leadership and wins the title again in KF3. Torsellini gets stuck for a breakdown at the start and is forced to give up the fight for the KZ2 title. In KF1 Crg plays a leading role in the second final thanks to the English driver Lennox-Lamb.

Zuera (Spain). At the end of the long Spanish weekend, for the fourth and last round of the WSK Euro Series, the overall results are not simply positive for CRG official team: under some points of view there are good reasons to be proud of what happened in Zuera.
The Spanish event gave the Italian firm another prestigious title in KF3 with Max Verstappen, but gave as well the awareness that the team has found the right path to follow in order to confirm CRG’s leading role also in KF1. Besides, CRG even managed to propose one of his drivers, Mirko Torsellini, as one of the top drivers of the KZ category. In all the crucial situations, in Spain too, the team managed to get satisfactory results: CRG managed to getthat continuity in the technical development - both of the CRG chassis and of the competiveness of the Maxter engine – the team have been seeking after for so long.

IN KF3 SECOND TITLE FOR VERSTAPPEN. In Spain Verstappen conquered the second title in KF3. Actually, the young Max Verstappen had already his hands on the title before the race: he is at his second win in a row in KF3 with CRG in this demanding European series, with all the best drivers of the world always taking part in the competition. On the fast track of Zuera, Verstappen had already conquered the title in the pre-final, after winning a gripping duel against the Danish Nielsen. Then, in the final, the Dutch driver controlled the situation, even though he slowed down a lot in the last laps and ended up with a fifth place. Anyway, in the championship he finished with a 55-point lead over the French Ocon, andtaking into account the fact that he was forced to skip the round of Muro Leccese for a sheer pain in the back, we can well understand how much stronger than the other drivers he has been.
CRG has launched in KF3 another young protagonist: the Japanese Jinya Yamakawa. In Zuera he has carried on with his experience and had the occasion to show his talent in more than a situation. Unfortunately, some accidents did not allow him to qualify for the final phase, but for sure the young and likeable Japanese driver will soon get his personal satisfactions.

TORSELLINI MISSES THE TITLE IN KZ2 In the gearbox category, the KZ, in Spain Mirko Torsellini’s odds went up and he battled till the end for the title. Eventually, he was definitely one of the major protagonists of this round: Giancarlo Tinini’s wager on him was undoubtedly a good one. CRG’s boss, this season, had bet on the young driver from Siena that he could achieve great results in this category, results that the driver had already got with his third place in the European championship in Germany. After achieving the overall pole position in the two categories – KZ1 and KZ2 - on Saturday, and after winning the Saturday KZ2with his overall second place, behind the Belgian Dreezen, Torsellini won also on Sunday, achieving the overall win in the second heat. Then something went wrong at the start of the decisive final: a breakdown of the driveshaft got the Italian driver stuck on the starting grid. The dream of a title, which was really near, just faded away. Torsellini’s missed start caused an accident where, unfortunately, his teammate Davide Forè was involved: he literally took off on Torsellini’s kart. So it was Arnaud Kozlinski who managed to get a good result for CRG in this second final: he placed fifth while Jonthan Thonon arrived in seventh. In KZ1 the title went to the Belgian Dreezen, in KZ2 to the Swedish Johansson with a 53-point lead over Torsellini.
EXCELLENT PROGRESS IN KF1. In the top category – the KF1goodnews from the point of view of Maxter’s engines competiveness thanks to several good performances after those achieved last week – always in Zuera - during the CIK-FIA championships with the three CRG drivers: Felice Tiene, Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Laura Tillett. Now there are only very few steps forward to take before being absolutely performing. Tiene tried hard in the first Saturday final, placing second behind the new champion Nick De Vries on Zanardi and recording the fourth fastest lap time. On the other hand, it was the English Lennox who tried hard in the second Sunday final: he finished eighth and achieved the overall third fastest lap time. Laura Tillett made herself conspicuous in the qualifying session with the fourth overall performance, just a tenth of a second behind the leader. Unfortunately, in the race, she was overwhelmed by her male colleagues’ vehemence.

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Press Release by: CRG Racing Team - 02/08/11

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