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There are not very many Karting races lucky enough to appear before a very large audience. The event which beats all records every year is the Dutch round of the CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship.

The meeting is indeed not exclusively focused on Karting as Superkarts share the bill of the popular Rizla Racing Days of Assen with several categories of motorbikes, touring cars and GTs. However, in the surveys to assess spectator satisfaction conducted by the Organiser after the previous editions, he has noted that the public is very fond of the spectacle offered by Superkarts and wants more.
Assen’s TT-Circuit will be the framework of the third and last round of the 2011 CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship and promises to be very intense insofar as the awarding of the title remains suspenseful. There are still three Competitors who are in with a chance of grabbing the European laurels: France’s Emmanuel Vinualès, Britain’s title-holder Gavin Bennett and Germany’s Daniel Hentschel. When they reach the peak of their fight, the reference lap time (1'36''754, at an average speed of 169.5 km/h) set by Gavin Bennett in 2009 could very well belong to the past.
42 Drivers are expected. They will run in their first qualifying practice session on Friday 5 August and in their second one the following day, their two races (of 50 km each) taking place on Sunday 7 August (at 10h15 and 15h05).


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