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The second most prestigious round for KF1 category is taking place along the 1,700 m of the International Zuera Circuit, Spain, which is located closet o Zaragoza. The national event will also host KF3 and KF3 categories "drivers competing the European Championship in one single event. In Spain our Racing Team will be complete, both in KF1 and KF2 categories, with the specific aim of gaining the top positions.

The Racing Team, directed by the team manager Giacomo Aliprandi, will employ Racer EVRR chassis which means quality and reliability. As for engines we will use the Vortex RAD, this way we will have a technical set ready for victories, which we already achieved many times during the season.

Our technical staff is well determined and worked a lot for this double important event, also performing a test session on last week right at the Zuera Circuit.

Amongst our official drivers, we will line up in KF2 category, the Spanish Carlos Gil. He was part already of the Tony Kart Racing Team during the European qualifications in Varennes, obtaining very good results. Sorensen and Fioravanti will be other two drivers competing in KF2 category.


The National event is scheduled with a four-race agenda for KF1 category during the weekend, two of them on Saturday, 23rd of July starting at 4.50pm and at 6.10pm. On Sunday the remaining 2 races starting at 11.45am and 2.30pm. According to regulations, drivers are allowed to refuse the worst result in the four ones, which will not be counted for the final classification.


As for the CIK-FIA European title in KF2 category, it will be assigned at the end of the Sunday competition. Drivers will run eliminatory heats from Friday 22nd at 4.45pm and will continue with the heats on the whole Saturday. The final race will begun on Sunday at 1.50pm.

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Giacomo Aliprandi – Team Manager of the Tony Kart Racing Team

“we are going on in developing our technical material both for KZ and KF categories . We worked on last week in Zuera, in order to evaluate chassis performances according to those conditions we should find on the occasion of the world and European competitions. We are aware we have a sort of chassis, Racer EVRR, and engines, Vortex, which are considered to be amongst the best. It is up to our work a to drivers once at the track make our technical potential become true with concrete results.”


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