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Gianni Vigorito, Alessio Santilli and Mattia Vita are the first three drivers selected by CSAI in collaboration with FDA and Federal School CSAI. The selection process will continue also in the next three races of the Italian CSAI Championship to be held in Lonato, Sant´Egidio and Ortona.

In the picture from left to right: Gianni Vigorito, Alessio Santilli, Mattia Vita.

Roma, 7/7/11 – The initiative involving CSAI and Ferrari Driver Academy aimed at enhancing the value of the most promising drivers of the Italian CSAI Karting Championship is starting to give some verdicts.
As anticipated, starting from the last race held in Viterbo on 3 July and for the whole second part of the Italian Championship (scheduled races are in Lonato on 7 August, Sant´Egidio alla Vibrata on 28 August and Ortona next 2 October),three young drivers aged between 13 and 16 will be selected in every round of the tricolored championship and directed to a formative path towards motor-racing involving a psycho-attitude test in Fiorano with the objective of a Formula Abarth test and the final prize of a 4 days Super-course on track in Vallelunga organizedby the Federal School CSAI together with the Ferrari Driver Academy under the guidance of Luca Baldisserri.
In occasion of the race held in Viterbo, Giancarlo Minardi (CSAI's observer), Luca Baldisserri (Ferrari Driver Academy) and some delegates of Vallelunga's Federal School CSAI had the duty to select the drivers. At the end of the selectionprocess, out of the 160 drivers racing in Viterbo, the names of GIANNI VIGORITO (15 years old from Avellino), ALESSIO SANTILLI (16, from Pescara) and MATTIA VITA (14, from Lucca) emerged as the first three chosen drivers.
"The whole group working at this initiative is putting the maximum care on it. -declared Giancarlo Minardi - CSAI, Ferrari Driver Academy, Vallelunga's CSAI Federal School and ACI Sport's aim is to give value to the most deserving young drivers and direct them to an important formative path towards motor sport. The first experience in Viterbo has been positive and I am happy with the choice of the three young drivers made. In our selection we give the right weight to sportive results but we keep in the due care the behaviour out of the circuit as the driver has to complete his sportive performance with other qualitieslike the correctness in life. This initiative will be repeated in the coming rounds of the Italian CSAI Karting Championship and will lead to the selection of 12 young drivers among which we hope to find some real talents to direct to a formative process towards a professional career in motor-racing".
Meanwhile, last 6 July Gianni Vigorito had a first test on a Formula Abarth car at theInternational Circuit Enzo and Dino Ferrari of Imola. At the end of this new adventure he was obviously satisfied: "I'd like to thank CSAI, ACI Sport and Ferrari Driver Academy for the chance I have been given - commented Vigorito - I am honoured for being chosen for this test. It has been great and I am even more happy because all fit into place. I also would like to send a special thank to Luca Baldisserri and Giancarlo Minardi. Let us now hope for the future. Obviously karting is my main commitment for this year but it isalso true that starting as soon as possible in motor-racing is my dream".
15 years of age, from Avellino. Gianni Vigorito got his passion for karting from his father, who owns a machine shop in Sturno and has a passion for motors completed with some experiences as racing driver; he recently took part in the races of the Maggiolino Fun Cup. Gianni Vigorito has been official Birel driver for two years now, first in KF3 and this year in KF2. He started with karing in 50 Baby, winning the Regional Championship and then moved to the higher steps of 60 Mini and KF3 in the last two years. Starting from this season he is Birel Motorsport official driver in KF2 where he is currently leading the Italian CSAI Karting classification.
16 years old from Pescara. Karting has been a discussion topic for ages in Alessio Santilli's family. His grand-father has been one of the first to experience karts in Abruzzo in the seventies and as a driver he inaugurated the Pista d'Oro in Rome. Alessio started with mini-moto (at 3!) but then he was attracted by karts. He run his first races at 7 in the 50 baby first and then in 60 Mini he harvested the first importantresults as the second place in the Italian Championship held in Muro Leccese. In 2008 he moved to KF3, and in 2010 he made his debut in KF2 with team TRK on Intrepid-Tm where he won the Italian title of his category. Currently is second in the KF2 classification of the Italian CSAI Karting Championship.
MATTIA VITA, 14 years old from Lucca. Mattia Vita has been always living in the world of motors. He started driving a kart for fun at 4. His father Gianluca, former karting and then formula and rally driver gave him this passion. Mattia started racing in 50 Baby, then in 60 Mini he won the Euro Cup and obtained the second place in the Italian Championship in Sarno in 2008. In 2009 he moved to KF3, but his highlight came in 2010 when he joined the team of the 5 times world champion Danilo Rossi and raced in the WSK. This year Mattia made his debut in the Italian CSAI Karting Championship in Viterbo and has been noticed for his competitiveness since the beginning. He is among the drivers qualified for the European KF3 Championship to be held in Spain at Zuera.
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Press Release by: ACI-Csai - 08/07/11

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