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Sodi Racing Team has announced that Alex Baron will be racing in KZ for the rest of the season.

Alex Baron has been an official SODI driver for 2 years, was Vice Champion of France 2009 in KF3, placed third in the last French KF2 Championship and is the team leader of the current World Championship in KF1. However, in recent months he has been unable to fulfill his potential as a driver.
SRT team manager Nicola de Cola explains the reasons that led to this decision: “Since the beginning of the season, Alex has been struggling to get his weight down with the help of a personal trainer. Unfortunately, he is already very lean and it is not medically safe for him to lose any more weight. In Angerville and Ostricourt for the GPOs, Alex ran out of energy. He was exhausted after 15 laps because he had lost so much weight. When you know how he usually performs on these tracks, it was clear that we had to do something. After the world championship in KF1 in Wackersdorf where Alex was a crippling 7 kilos overweight for the category, it was clear he needed to switch to KZ, which is why he will be racing this week in the Kart Mag in KZ125, powered by TECSAV. Of course, Alex must learn the specifics of this category (starting, carburetion, braking, etc.). But I think he will quickly show his true potential.”


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