VROOM n.122 JULY 2011

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What a weekend in Wackersdorf! After one year of controversy between manufacturers and international federation, all top drivers in KZ1-KZ2 went to Germany to dispute the European title, held over a single round. Ticked off the very top names - those who previously won the crown - it was time for Paolo de Conto at his debut season in KZ1, and fellow Italian Fabian Federer in KZ2 to upset all predictions. May the Italian flag continue to wave high...


RACE REPORT – CIK European KZ1-KZ2 Championship
In Wackersdorf, two Italians grabbed the continental KZ title. Paolo De Conto dominates KZ1 and Fabian Federer in KZ2. Paolo De Conto is one of the best in this class thanks to his win, his second European title. Last year he took home the KZ2 title. Federer could well be the other talent that Italy will be able to boast in the future international events.

RACE REPORT – CIK World Championship Rnd.1
The first of the five rounds of the World Karting Championship kicks off in Wackersdorf, Germany. In the KF1 paddock there was talk on who would have done what on this first meeting and there is nothing sensational in having seen that the world karting championship, even if held over a session of more rounds, would result as Nick De Vries’ private affair.

CLOSE UP – Mojo tyres
BRP-Powertrain and Heidenau celebrate 1,000,000th Mojo tyre with Japan’s Rotax distributors Matsudo Eisei and Kitatomi Megumu.

TALKING TO – Tom Kutscher
Born and raised in Sweden, SKUSA’s Tom Kutscher moved to the USA in the mid ‘80s in search of fortunes. Fortunes he built, making of the SuperNationals one of the most anticipated karting events of the international calendar. We spoke to Tom at the World Championship round in Wackersdorf and he explained his success and recipe for the future of karting.

RACE REPORT – Rotax Euro Challenge Rnd.2
In a riveting round, Belgium’s Mathias Detige topped the podium in the DD2 2-speed gearbox category, ahead of fellow Belgian Christof Huibers and Denmark’s Mike Hansen.

HOW IT’S MADE – Fairings
They are actually the things that are more visible of a kart: fairings are what give the kart its looks and they also act as protection. Let’s see how they are made, mainly by bubble-casting, by the main Italian manufacturer: KG of Giacoletto

TRACK TEST – Comparing  100 ICA – 125 KF2
We suggest a comparison between the two main karting direct drive classes, the 100 ICA and the 125 KF2 again, to see which are the main characteristics of each and  see if or how we can summarize them to be able to give the karting queen class a future.

TECHNICAL SIDE – Improving a reed engine in the 125cc class
With the help of TM we have looked into the evolution of reed engines for karting, from the 80s on. Here you can see how they have been changed and improved over the years…

S.O.S. KARTING – Overhauling 125cc gearbox engine – part 2
Let’s start off from where we left off last month, starting from the maintenance intervals (expressed in litres of petrol burnt up by the engine) given by manufacturers for overhauling

The very busy international calendar allowed only four national races despite the hectic schedules all around the world. We feature the second round of the BNL Series, which stopped at French circuit Ostricourt. From Germany, the ADAC Kart Masters highlighted Euro KZ Champs protagonist Kevin Illgen with a spectacular double win. Portugal saw the second round of the national championship host at Leira, while the British Super One MSA Series stopped at Welsh circuit Glan y Gors.

COLUMNS – Mondokart, August National & International racing calendars
Top in the news section, CIK ban of 60 Mini classes with foreign drivers participation, as well as other technical regulation changes starting from 2012. We also present Maranello product updates, and a superb Ayrton Senna Coffee Table all the way from Australia.
We end with August national and international calendars: 47 events in 19 countries, plus 3 major international events.


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