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Under the Italian sun the “green” Tony Kart colour is shining more than ever. We back home from this third WSK Euro Series round with an excellent result, gained by Rick Dreezen in the most demanding and prestigious category, KZ1 where our driver is leader of the absolute classification.  A clear success has also been obtained in KF2 category, thanks to the Russian driver Orudzhev, from our partner-team Ward Racing, preceding Rudakov with the other Tony Kart chassis (team Komarov) and the Kosmic Kart of Ippolito.

The Italian race draws up classifications indicating that drivers racing with a Tony Kart chassis are the ever-leaders in three categories, KZ1, KF2 and KF3. Drivers with the Racer EVRR will fight for the title in the next race of Zuera (Spain).
The WSK weekend was hot (with temperatures up to 36°) and the track quite rubbery, thus drivers had to deep concentrate but not only, also all engineers and mechanics had to carry out the best performance ever.
KZ1. The race started off  with the right  foot, in the eliminatory heats Dreezen signs the pole position with an excellent 45”642 followed by the other Tony Kart-Vortex of Ardigò while Catt got the seventh timing. The rounds preceding the first race are led by Dreezen first and Ardigò then. In the short final on Saturday all our drivers did a very good race, even though  some events do not permit to succeed. After an unlucky beginning Ardigò recovers and gains point for the Championship. The fight for the podium goes on until the end of the race when Catt ends up in fourth position. Dreezen from the fourteenth position, after a forced stop during the heats, recovers and takes points and the eighth position. As for the very final on Sunday, live followed by Rai Sport Channel, our drivers Ardigò and Dreezen take the first row, ready for  the starting grid. As soon as the green light is on Ardigò commits a transgression and is gets penalized with 10” (to be added to the final timing). In the meantime Dreezen goes straight and undisturbed to the success and takes the lead until the end. Ardigò ends up in a platonic second position, since due to the penalization end with a tenth position.
KF2. The starting grid of the Final is all for Tony Kart. Not less than 13 are the Racer EVRR lined up in the Final and 21 the chassis manufactured in our factory. Figures and quality go hand in hand and finally the podium is a mirror of the whole weekend, with two Tony Kart and a Kosmic Kart. Winner is the very fast Russian driver from the team Ward Racing, Orudzhhev, and the second position in for Rudakov before the Italian Ippolito. Especially unlucky was our drivers’ test, Philo, Sorensen and Fioravanti. The last one was second in the Final but had to stop for a slight collision at the beginning of the race (which damaged the radiator’s support). Sorensen had an excellent recovery from the thirty-one position to the seventh’  because of the breaking of the chain, on a kerb, during the Final when we was in the first positions. Philo at his debut with our team showed off to be fast, conquering the seventh row in the prefinal and performing well gaining good timings.
KF1.  All our drivers enter the top ten to race the Super Pole. D’Agosto gets the first row for the short race of Saturday and ends it up with a podium. A little bit more unlucky is the Sunday race. D’Agosto must stop and Camponeschi is not able to take over the driver to gain the third position.
KF3. Haruyuki Takahashi entered the Final without concern and even though the track was physically demanding he showed off his value.  

Giacomo Aliprandi – Team Manager of Tony Kart Racing Team
“We are satisfied with the success of Rick obtained in KZ1 category, and it is a pity since we missed the double success by a little. We did an accurate work with all Vortex technicians to reach this competitiveness level and now we wish to push and ameliorate to the limits to obtain the results deserved for the work done. We do not have to forget that KZ1 category is defining in the following three month with the last appointment of the WSK Euro Series and the World Championship. 
In KF2 category we are highly competitive and figures can prove it  Most of the inning drivers race with our factory’s  material.”

Amongst the latest developments, the new front brake pump lever.
This component is included in the  BS7 brake system, the most developed and performing brake system of the OTK Kart Parts’ range, employed on the top Tony Kart chassis.  The BS7 represents the strong point of the Tony Kart Racer EVRR technical set, leading to continuous success at International level. The new lever, just introduced, is more ergonomic than the previous type and it is also less bulky. It is made in machined Ergal 70 75 alloy and also available in carbon fiber.  
OTK BS7 front brake system’s technical fiche
- Front brake pump: Ergal 70 75 alloy
-Front brake disc: stainless steel, Ø 139 mm diameter
-Brake caliper with 4 hand-controlled pistons
-Aeronautical brake tubes covered with steel link
-Any structural component is made in machined Ergal 70 75 alloy.


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