D-Day -19 for the Academy Trophy: Quite a Cosmopolitan Field

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From 34 the number of karts placed at our disposal by Parolin for the Academy Trophy in 2011 is increased to 51.

Right from the launching of this new Championship concept the CIK-FIA had decided to make it accessible to as many countries and ASNs as possible (National Sporting Authorities). In 2010 no fewer than 33 nations were thus represented therein. For 2011 it will even be extended and there will be 43 nationalities in the starting-blocks. With the exception of Germany, Argentina and Slovakia, all the nations which participated in 2010 have again entered a selection process. While some ASNs have re-entered their 2010 ambassador (Greece, Russia, Macau, Hong Kong, Monaco and Romania), most Federations have nominated new recruits. To the list of countries present in 2010 are added in 2011: Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Venezuela and a few nations from which no licence-holder had ever been entered in a CIK-FIA Championship: Albania, Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman.
The CIK-FIA Academy Trophy therefore opens itself and meets this initial function assigned to it by the CIK and FIA: the promotion of Karting at the World level, with the contribution of the sporting Federations members of the FIA.


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