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At its meeting on 3rd June 2011 in Barcelona (ESP) and on proposals of the International Karting Commission Members, the FIA World Motor Sport Council took in particular the following decisions concerning Karting:

International Sporting Code - National Events (Article 18)
The World Motor Sport Council has unanimously supported and accepted the CIK’s proposal to amend specifically for Karting Article 18 of the International Sporting Code defining national events.
From 1st January 2012, to participate in any national Karting event (where foreign participation can be accepted on decision of the host ASN) all foreign Drivers and Entrants will be required to be holders of international licences and to have their ASN’s authorisation to run out of their borders.
As a reminder, pursuant to Appendix B to the International Karting Regulations, the minimum age required to be able to apply for an international Karting Driver’s licence is 13 (civil year).

Technical Regulations
From 1st January 2012, the KZ1 category (125cc gearbox karts) will be included in Group 1, which means that, like for KF1, its chassis and brakes will no longer be submitted to homologation procedures. On the other hand, engines shall remain homologated and strictly aligned with the technical regulations governing KZ2.It has been decided to set at 31st December 2012 the end of the international validity of the Rotax 256 engine and of substitution components approved for this Superkart engine. The Rotax 256, a 250cc twin-cylinder engine, was the most used in the category but has no longer been produced for many years. Since the CIK-FIA revived the European Superkart Championship in 2002, several Manufacturers have obtained the approval of new engines (BRC, DEA, FPE, PVP, SGM and VM, in addition to the Yamaha V2 motorcycle engine) and have progressively replaced the valorous Rotax 256, which can boast of over 20 seasons of faithful service.

Homologation Regulations
From the next homologation session (chassis, brakes & bodywork), a Manufacturer will be authorised to re-submit for a further homologation period equipment the validity of which is expiring, without having to produce the minimum quantities prescribed by the regulations (75 examples in the case of chassis). Under no circumstances will a chassis make be entitled to have more than 4 different homologated chassis models.
The clause which made it mandatory for lubricant Manufacturers to limit to two types the yearly approval of their products has been deleted.

International Appeal Fee
Increased to 12,000 euros by the FIA for the year 2011, the international Appeal fee will be specifically adapted for Karting from 1st January 2012. Subject to acceptation by the FIA General Assembly next December it will be set again at 6,000 euros.


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