D-Day -29 for the “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy

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In 2010 already, the CIK-FIA “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy had been innovative as regards fuel, with mandatory use by all the Competitors of more ecological E10 petrol supplied by Panta. Although it had aroused some people’s scepticism, the E10 petrol has proved perfectly adapted to Karting engines. Its use has therefore naturally been renewed for the 2011 season and the Italian oil producer Panta is still its exclusive Supplier.

On the other hand, the mode of distribution will evolve, and, as a matter of fact, it has already been tested at the recent Test Day at Jesolo, where it was generally approved.

In the “U18” and Academy, Competitors no longer need to purchase their fuel in 25-litre drums like in all the other CIK-FIA Championships. The Academy Trophy functions on the “arrive & drive” mode so many Drivers, especially those from another continent who travel by plane, were often bothered after the events by drums that were not always empty and which they could not take with them. To avoid this waste but also to have better control of costs, the 2011 distribution system has been changed so that Drivers will henceforth have to pay only for the fuel they use. For this purpose a petrol pump will be placed in the servicing parks and Drivers will be served according to their actual demands and needs. This mode of distribution has easily been implemented as the lubricant mixed to the E10 fuel is identical for everyone in the “U18” and Academy and is (logically) determined by the single-engine Supplier, namely Parolin.

Press Release by: World Karting Championship « U18 » - 14/06/11

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