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The new end-of-season meeting with the best drivers on electric karts
The first indoor kart meeting was held in Bercy in 1993, and a new chapter in its history will be written on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December 2011 thanks to electricity!

The ERDF Masters Kart will be an exciting sporting show with 100% electric performance, and it will be back on the end-of-season calendar for drivers and for all motor sport fans.
Sodikart has been developing the electric kart on an exclusive basis, and it will be driven by two different fields of drivers of international renown invited by Philippe Streiff and the French Motor Sports Federation (FFSA). On the one hand, there will be 20 star drivers from F1, Rally, Endurance and Motorbikes, and on the other, 10 Junior drivers from the current kart scene.

“We couldn’t revive Bercy without introducing a major innovation and putting on a demonstration of new technology. It’s now possible with the electric racing kart specially developed by Sodikart, a very quick, clean vehicle that’s fun to drive. I’m also very proud that ERDF has decided to join us in this new adventure ” states Philippe Streiff, the organizer of the ERDF Masters Kart.
A quick glance at the history of the Bercy Masters underlies the fact that indoor karting has not only honored some of the greatest drivers in the world including Prost, Senna and Schumacher, but above all, Bercy was the arena in which several of the current F1 stars burst on the scene, proving yet again that karting is the indispensable training ground for those who want to succeed in motor sport. “It’s amazing to see that among the junior drivers of the time in the 3-14-year-old bracket were Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, the reigning F1 World Champion, winner of the last event in 2001! I’d like to invite for certain of them to come back to the scene of their former triumphs and for the others to discover this exceptional ambience. I’m in touch with the friend drivers, they love karting and Bercy will be a great moment for all of us” smiles an enthusiastic Streiff.

The ERDF Masters Kart is also the story of a close friendship between Philippe Streiff and Hervé Bodinier, who have joined forces to make the event happen after being at the origin of the Masters Karting in 1993. In Bercy, the ERDF Masters Kart will recreate the proximity between the spectators and the champions that is so much appreciated by both parties. The 12 000 spectators in the indoor stadium and TV viewers all over the world will thrill to a show on a track specially created by Colas with recyclable and recycled materials. The purpose of Bercy ‘version 2.0’, which aims at securing a long-term future, is for the ERDF Masters Kart to act as a launch pad for electric karts in the field of leisure as well as racing. Bercy will again play its role as pioneer.
Historically speaking, racing has always helped create and make reliable technologies applicable to everyday motoring; it has always been a showcase for know-how, and it now seems that electricity can demonstrate that development in the field of the motor car can benefit motor sport! It’s very inspiring to see that the two worlds, racing and leisure, can get together with a common aim – sustainable performance.

The best drivers, a competitive electric kart, a magic arena, a public of passionate, the backing of prestigious brands: save the date of Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of December 2011 for the 1st edition of the ERDF Masters Kart in Paris-Bercy!


Press Release by: Sodi Kart - 01/06/11

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