A Real Festival For 125cc Gearbox Karts!

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With respectively 111 entries in KZ2 and 42 in KZ1, the CIK-FIA European Championship reserved for 125cc gearbox karts is really looking good. It will be held on the ProKart Raceland circuit of Wackersdorf, in Germany, on 9-12 June 2011.

The consequence of this infatuation of the participants is that the time schedule of the event is particularly tight as it will also comprise sessions for KF1 karts taking part in first four races of their “new formula” World Championship!
Split into 4 series for their qualifying practice and 6 groups for their qualifying heats, KZ2 Drivers are already certain to run each in a minimum of 5 heats, to which will be added a prefinal and a final for the first 34 classified Drivers after the qualifications!As for KZ1 Drivers, they will be divided into 3 groups and will each take part in 2 qualifying heats, after which the first 28 will automatically gain their tickets for the final phase. The others will have to undergo the difficult and stressing exercise of the second chance heat to be able to make up the grid with the 34 finalists.

As a reminder, the programme of the World KF1 Championship Drivers will not include qualifying heats but two finals per day, i.e. a Race 1 and a Race 2 on the Saturday, followed by a Race 3 and a Race 4 on the Sunday. The top 15 in each of these races will score points counting towards the Championship but each Driver will only retain for the Championship classification his best 3 results per event out a possible total of 4. In other words a Driver is allowed one joker per event.

Press Release by: European KZ1 Championship - 20/05/11

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