Poker for Ardigò (KF1) and Tony doubles with Camponeschi (KF2) Unlucky Kozlinski

KF1/KF2 European Championship Braga (P) 

Under uncertain skies, with rain on the eve of the KF1 and KF2 European Championship final, and with a doubt too many regarding the new Cik control orders for stopping driver from cheating by touching up clutches, Marco Ardigò takes home the queen class European title, his fourth continental claim since 2005 with Tonykart/Vortex.

The team from Prevalle was not favourite at the start despite Gary Catt, not so brilliant even in Mariembourg, was topping the scoreboard. Lucky that Ardigò was close at hand and lucky that a mechanical fault makes Kozlinski, race winner ready to grab second final win and with it the continental title, take an early exit. A real shame for Crg/Maxter team that confirms its competition level in Braga too, with several drivers in leading places from early heats. This duel between Vortex and Maxter is the prelude of a very exciting world championship (apart from clutches).     

Despite a modest fifth in Race 1 and third in Race 2 – proof of Crg/Maxter dominion that among other things was doubling also thanks to Forè and Maranello – as usual Marco Ardigò is there ready and waiting for to grab his chance. The one who gave the impression that didn’t think he could make it was Gary Catt. Earlier on in the season, it seemed that he was the one destined to win, and then his downfall came, first in Mariembourg then in Braga.

A worthy note for “fair duel” between Forè and Ardigò, the type of battle that has been promised from a long time. A bit of spite, nothing serious, also because it starter under yellow flag, but there’s more to come. Although Forè seems the fastest, weighed down in intentions to help Kozlinski in a team-game between “cousins”, he however, takes two silver cups.
Guignet is surprising, author of a fantastic final (22nd on lap one), then with final 2 win he gives Crg back the merit of having won at least one battle despite having lost the war. Same moderate satisfaction for Giacomello (Zanardi/Parilla), author of a splendid weekend marked by a third place after final one, but disappointed for having missed his podium place, on last lap of the final where he got caught up in a wheel to wheel duel against Cesetti (Birel/TM) and both ended up taking an early exit.

Camponeschi lone KF2 winner. There was nothing else to win: heats, prefinal, final Camponeschi (Tonykart/Vortex) pockets the European KF2 win, a championship that never before has it been so certain and predestined. No coupe de teatre, no mistakes. Camponeschi beats them all, really a well deserved winner. Out of engines mounted for the event, five out of the first six were Vortex powered.
The final sees Foster-Jones (FA Kart/Vortex) in second place, he too was predestined, after his second prefinal place, in front of Frijns (Birel/TM), GKS driver Lemmens the only TM powered up front with leaders. Except for a bit of uncertainty early on sparked off by contact at first corner, with the three leading drivers pulling away from the rest of the pack. Camponeschi sets the pace but no one can match him, we’ll be seeing him in KF1 next year …
Hopes gone up in smoke for Lucani (TRT team), Suvanto (TonyKart/Vortex), Patrono (Birel/TM), Rowland (TonyKart/Vortex) and Sbarazzo (Morsicani Racing), outstanding in heats but unable to do anything against Camponeschi.

Report D. Leone
Photos G. Cuna, CIK P.O.


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