European Championship, Round 1

The first round of the European Championship has been held in Angerville, 4 ideas suggested through comments and looking into the Vroom community: 

Speed limit compromises the weekend’s protagonists.

New talent not yet ripe enough in KF1.

Thonon is no let down in KZ1.

Energy grabs KZ2.

Speed limits compromises the protagonists’ weekend
An unexpected innovation has been put forward for KF1 drivers: during the briefing on Saturday, they were told that the start procedure would be changed. In fact, the presence of video cameras on the track did make us think that something was up, and then it was all revealed. There are two photocells on the track that disclose speed at 50 metres and 25 metres from the finishing line, furthermore, some video cameras and a supplementary screen – on which speed disclosed by photocell is compared on the spot – are now with the lights. Drivers must keep within 30 km/h in the first photocell and not go over 40 Km/h before the start. Although Alessandro Ferrari (Race Director) are more aware of the difficulties concerning drivers, Vincent Caro (Cik/Fia) the system works: in fact, no accidents were registered after final start, however, all “pole-men” (Convers in heats, Te Braak in Final 1 and Kozlinski in the second) got a ten-second penalty foreseen by the CIK and ruled by the Board of Sports Commissioners – Horst, Salomone and Jacques – for any driver who exceeded the 40 Km/h limit, which compromised the result of the weekend. Nearly all the drivers complained (as from Saturday), starting from “old ones” Cesetti and Forè, to the younger ones like De Brabander and Te Braak. The team-manager backed them too. However, in the second special briefing expected for Sunday Morning, the drivers didn’t complain all that much, leading to believe that they accepted the innovation almost too readily. On his behalf, Vincent Caro, defends this new system, reminding them that also innovation of 4 lights in SICC, in 2003, was something that drivers had then complained about, and all was well after a few races.

Talent - not yet rip enough in KF1
Great expectations for the performance of young talented drivers who look to winning in this current season – Stevens (Tony Kart talent signed on with Honda F1), Te Braak (Race 1 pole), De Brabander (very fast heat 1 winner on grid three) – were a let down, all in favour of drivers like Kozlinski (race 1 winner) and Catt, (race 2 winner and runner up in race 1 ending as championship leader), true professionals in force with CRG and Tony Kart respectively.

Up between them come Laine (Tony Kart/Vortex) Race 1 podium, Convers (PRC/TM) moral winner of the event, always very fast but cannot do better than second in Race two and Guignet (CRG/Maxter) who brilliantly frees himself of Kozlinski to grab third in Race2.

Thonon is no let down in KZ1
Before the race, the only name going around in the paddock was Thonon’s (CRG/Maxter). However, Manetti (CRG/Maxter) is fantastic, he wins all the heats despite he had hurt his hand while working on his kart on Thursday evening, and Lammers (Top Kart/TM) who’s on grid three start for race 1.
The Dutch driver – supported by Top Kart managers – know that he must win: he didn’t in Race 1, where Thonan seemed unbeatable, Lammers achieves his aim in the following race and stands tall on top podium step in Race 2. Thonon, delayed at the lights but second over the line, needs more than 21 laps to gain six places and catch Lammers – although his condition did allow him at least to try.

At last an Italian gets podium in Race 1, Toninelli (Intrepid/TM), who together with Frenchman Nato (Intrepid/TM), fourth, hands over a smile to Mirco Squerzoni, Intrepid boss. With Race 2 podium, Mich (Birel/TM) gives Ronnie Sala back what Toninelli has done for his team manager, over a not so brilliant weekend for Birel.

Energy grabs KZ2
Great presence in the Angerville paddock, the Energy lot were very successful: six out of the first twelve drivers in race one and four out of the eleven in Race 2. Out of the bunch, Frenchman Lavanant (Energy/TM) was outstanding, first in Race 1 and third in Race 2 and also the brilliant Dutchman, Jansen, twice fourth. For the time being, Demanse (PCR/TM) holds championship lead. He’s fast but unlucky in Race 1 and in the end he grabs Race 2 win.
Emauele Neri is surprising (CKR/Pavesi) third in Final 1 and absolutely at home for his first international race.

A great podium satisfaction for Peter De Bruijn too, England’s Hawkworth (Gillard/TM) takes second in the last race of the day, perhaps regretting having had grid seven start


Text: Daniele Leone
Photo: Gianni Cuna, CIK-FIA

Created by: admin - 05/05/08

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