2008 FWT to include KF2 and KF3

Formula Kart Productions, Inc. announced it’s intent ...

Formula Kart Productions, Inc. announced it’s intent to include the CIK KF2 and KF3 categories in the 2008 Florida Winter Tour.
FKP’s Bill Wright sayd: “Over the last six months I received many requests to include the KF categories in the 2008 FWT. After an exhaustive on-site analysis at the CIK World Karting Championships of the current CIK/KF situation, we have decided that we will provide the opportunity for those who’ve been requesting it. It is important to note that we will not exclude the ICA and JICA categories, but will provide separate classes for both the old and the new homologations.”
For more information visit http://www.floridawintertour.com/ or contact info@formulakart.com


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