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Positive race weekend on last qualifying rounds at the European Championship for KF2 and KF3 categories. All our official drivers easily gained their admission to the Final in Zuera, scheduled on the next July, 20th to 24th, at Zuera International Circuit.

Both at Varennes and PF Internationals Circuit, Racer EVRR-Vortex chassis showed off excellent performances, that together with the ones shown by all chassis manufactured in our factory, give evidence of the full and satisfactory success.
KF2 category – Our official drivers shone, supported at the best as always by our Racing Team and excellent technical material. Damiano Fioravanti dominated the south European qualifying heats in Varennes, closing the final with a second position after a outstanding recovery from the sixteenth’. Our driver was also the author of the best lap during the race and arrived few tenth ahead of the French Enzo Guibbert at the driver of a FA Kart-Vortex. And it is just the transalpine driver who signed the pole position right before Francisco Abreu, from our Racing Junior Team.
As well prestigious were also the British results, good for the qualifications of north-European drivers, and once more with the Tony Kart brand’s success, thanks to the English driver Joyner from AMT Racing team.  
Our driver Christian Sorensen closed the final in eighth position, right after a very good recovery from its thirty-second position at the starting grid.  
KF3 – At the Final in Varennes, not less than seven chassis coming from our factory and powered by Vortex engines, took the first ten positions. The winner was Montalbo, preceding Ocon, both driving FA Kart-Vortex chassis, with the teams Genikart-LTP and GSM ONE Karting respectively. The podium was completed by Benjamin with a Tony Kart-Vortex.
Once more, important figures come along winning results for our products.


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