Flashy new website for the CIK

- News and Previews

At last, the CIK renewed its look with a cool, more racing-looking website, in line with the latest trend, more appealing to the younger generation. A brand new experience, completely the opposite from the austere, institutional, and unappealing portal that it once was.

The news section is much more on-your-face style, with miniature photos to introduce the news that makes it look less boring. The navigation toolbar is more functional, with bigger, bolder fonts which make it easy to access.
The CIK TV page link has a preferential position, more in line with the latest fashion, and the events section is clear and ready to be experienced.
Every sub-section is very well thought, both in terms of content and design. Particularly worth of note is the Wall of Fame page, featuring the profile of some of the greatest kart drivers who made it to Formula 1 (hopefully to be integrated with more profiles).
Also, the Photo section is better organized, fully exploiting the potential of CIK excellent photographic archive.

Visit www.cikfia.com


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