First CIK trophies of the season at stake

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The CIK season kick-off is getting closer and closer. First off the starting grid will be KF2 and KF3 drivers, who will be busy with the South and North European Trophies, scheduled on 28/04 - 01/05 on the circuits of Varennes (France) and PF International (GB).

by S.Murtas

A total of 141 drivers (60 in KF2, 81 in KF3) at PFI, 155 (68 in KF2, 87 in KF3) in Varennes are going to take on the challenge, fighting both for the coveted trophy and for the right to access the final, which will be held on 24/07 in Zuera (Spain).

At PFI, British drivers will make up the biggest group with a total of 29 entries (7 in KF2, 22 in KF3), followed by the Finns (25 - 13 in KF2, 12 in KF3), the Danish (17 – 12 in KF2, 5 in KF3), and the Russians (14 – 9 in KF2, 5 in KF3), with a whopping 11 Dutch entries in KF3 only, and a good number of non-European drivers (14 in total - 6 in KF2, 8 in KF3).
In Varennes, the biggest group will be represented by the Italians (45 – 21 in KF2, 24 in KF3), followed by the French (36 – 12 in KF2, 24 in KF3), the Spaniards (29 – 14 in KF2, 15 in KF3), and the Germans (26 – 14 in KF2, 12 in KF3).

All in all, a great show is expected in England and France alike for the last weekend of April. Check for more info


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