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Tony Kart Racing Team makes official the line-up of drivers for the new coming 2011 professional season. All them will have at their disposal the top-range model of Tony Kart chassis, the Racer EVRR. As for engines, they will undoubtedly be the Vortex RAD, for KF category and the RVXX for KZ category.

We will have all expert drivers in KZ1 category, the class with the shift, Marco Ardigò, Rick Dreezen and Gary Catt. Furthermore on the occasion of the World Cup and other special events, between them there will be also the many times Champion Alessandro Piccini, racing with us during the last season already.
Ardigò, two times World Champion in KF1 category, has closed the 2010 season with three fantastic victories, two of them gained in KZ category, the Las Vegas Super National and the WSK Nations Cup.
Dreezen, since the first year in our Racing Team has perfectly established and raced always in the very first positions, gaining the second position in the WSK World Series, the third position in the Euro Series and again the second place on the occasion of the USA Super Nat., behind his team-mate Ardigò.
Catt will face for the first time a complete season in KZ1 category, even though our British driver already run in this category revealing to be competitive.
KF1 – In the master class, the Italian Flavio Camponeschi, still confirmed to be with us, will be assigned two young drivers coming from KF2 category which demonstrated to be competitive, Ignazio D’Agosto and Yu Kanamaru.
Camponeschi will race in the same category where he had been racing during the last season. D’Agosto, winner of the WSK Euro Series title, raced in the highest category during the decisive competition of last season, the Macao Grand Prix. On this occasion Kanamaru, too had his debut in the SKF category, showing off to be a very fast driver.
KF2 – We will line-up two emerging drivers, coming from KF3 category, the Italian Damiano Fioravanti and the Danish Christian Sorensen.
Fioravanti, racing with Tony Kart-Vortex material, succeeded in the 2010 European Championship selection and is now going to pass to KF2 category with a strong determination. Even though the Italian driver’s age allows him to stay in KF3 category for one more year, he will race in this higher category. The year 2010 has been as well positive for Sorensen too, in KF3 category, the Danish driver competed in the most important International competitions always racing at the top and now he is going to enter KF2 category with all his papers in order.

Giacomo Aliprandi – Team Manager of Tony Kart Racing Team
“We have drivers we know very well in KZ1 and KF1 categories. Next to well known names we have young drivers with us since a lot of time and they are more and more growing. It is thanks to these prerogatives I can consider the team to be competitive and well-matched.
Working together with Catt and Ardigò will be much more stimulating, since they don’t have to pass from KF to KZ category and viceversa. Young drivers of KF1 category are well integrated in the Racing Team already, since they are with us from a year now, I then expect they will be able to go on in winning titles this year, too.”

Marco Ardigò - KZ1 - Italy
Gary Catt - KZ1 - Great Britain
Rick Dreezen - KZ1 - Belgium
Alessandro Piccini - KZ1 - Italy

Flavio Camponeschi - KF1 - Italy
Ignazio D’Agosto - KF1 - Italy
Yu Kanamaru - KF1 - Japan

Damiano Fioravanti - KF2 - Italy
Christian Sorensen - KF2 - Denmark

Press Release by: Tony Kart Racing Team - 08/02/11

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