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During karting season 2010, Sodi chassis achieved steady performance improvements at all levels. In 2009, Sodi and its official team, Sodi Racing Team, started to work to reach the elite of world competition and now their efforts have been rewarded by the endless series of national titles and major results in international championships.

At the end of the sporting year, the high potential of materials as well as of the new Sodi TTT technology used in racing chassis have been clear to everybody. The French brand is now impatient to achieve other major results in the forthcoming season.

When Nicola De Cola talks about Sodi achievements in 2010, he points out that they came out of very hard work. «The SRT technical team has now reached its cruise speed. We have made astonish progress over the last two years and I would like to congratulate all the team members on these results. Thanks to them, we can start the new season with full confidence in our potential and victory remains our only goal».

The top drivers of the 2010 team also fully accomplished their mission. Anthony Abbasse and Pierre Gasly won the French Championship in KZ2 and KF3, and they were constantly leading the games. Gasly became European vice-champion in KF3, Abbasse was forth in KZ2 at European level and the two drivers were back in the top 5 of their respective World Cups. Anthony even achieved a brilliant victory against the world elite of the category at the WSK Euro Series in Lonato.

But they were not the only ones who did well in their respective categories. Alex Baron kept raising the tone and climbed to third in the French KF2 Championship thanks to the growing effectiveness of his kart. Charles Leclerc won the Monaco Kart Cup before he was crowned French vice-champion in KF3. Two Sodi drivers belonging to private teams also conquered important victories: Pierre Ragues, twice winner in KZ2 in the GPO with team Racing Service became French vice-champion and Léo Roussel, member of Ludo Racing, was first in the KF3 final in Laval. Such results clearly show that Sodi chassis effectiveness is not reserved to the official team only.

The Sodi brand conquered the French Constructors' Championship in KF3 and KZ2, and therefore was also awarded the much-envied title of Champion of Champions. The GPO season 2010 can be summarised in a few eloquent figures: Sodi drivers achieved 20 victories, climbed 31 times on the podium and reached the pole position 13 times after timed qualifying. It is hard to do better than that!

Sodi success also included the 24 Hours of Le Mans Karting, with victory by the Sarthe RTKF, team, which was also crowned in Euro Endurance. It was again a Sodi chassis that allowed Jérémy Demarque to become French Champion and to win the French Cup in the Mini category, in a championship that saw 5 Sodi chassis in the first six places. In the Cadet category, Bastien Leguay finished second and Paolo Besancenez was third. The successes of this brand in international, national and regional competitions have been countless. Over 750 victories in 2010!

With its wealth of experience in racing, the Sodi Racing Team is in full preparation for the new season 2011, with even higher ambitions that Sodi intends to fulfil thanks to the construction quality of the Sodi factory and the new TTT technology adopted for all the KF and KZ chassis of the brand.


Press Release by: Sodi Kart - 21/01/11

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