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After a very short break, just enough to strip Santa of all his gifts, we are back to provide all our enthusiastic, loyal readers with the latest from the world. Making the cover is Sami Luka, who led a four-kart train, three of them his teammates, across the SuperNationals KF2 finish line. Great effort from Energy team on the temporary circuit in Vegas. Also, our local reporter from Asia Michel has done a great job sending two brilliant reports from Macau, with the Macau GP/Asia-Pacific champs/AKOC final hitting the track on the same weekend. Plus, tyre pressure track test with DR


Primary Numbers
Like the end of last year I’m proud of the results that Vroom has reached. Remember? I compared Vroom to a racing-car going into second gear and with it, all the expectations that we are set to do. All aims that gradually, step-by-step we are achieving with certain coolness. We respected the programme that we had in mind, carried out several jobs, reportage and reports on the situation of national racing movement…And for these we have received compliments and acknowledgement from firms, operators and drivers… All within one place: ours. The dizziness is getting stronger and stronger, today there is another rip off, the third after the XX, and the speed indicators continue to go up. What must you expect from 2011? Other projects, all aiming to widen the planet Vroom that continues to turn and have been making things turn for about 20 years now… Yes because year after year, more and more people realize the real potential of this machine. And, allow me to say so, I myself am rather surprised, although I know every minimum trouble, because I can achieve goals and aims in this world quite easily, leaving some indelible signs…Like when Rotax consolidated its partnership with Vroom, the only standard bearer for Rotax information in the world. Or when Gary Lobaugh, MRP Motorsport president Garry Lobaugh asked us for 1000 copies of Vroom International to give information on the new structure  (Max Speed) and the new Rotax promotion strategy in USA and in Canada through retailers during the PRI in Orlando. For me and all the team who have been working on it, not to mention all those who share this idea with us, this is an immense satisfaction. Maybe this is why we aren’t giving lottery numbers, although we could give the lucky numbers, Just like some primary numbers: 257, publication and number 23, the year.   

Giuliano Ciucci Giuliani


There are three words to describe SuperSunday at the Superkarts! USA SuperNationals XIV – cold, windy, and amazing. The strong winds and cold temperatures came through the Las Vegas desert. Thankfully, no rain came down and despite the horrid conditions, the racing was remarkable in all 11 categories. The fastest karts and some of the most talented drivers were in the spotlight in supernationals xiv. highlight of the event, the KZ2 which hit the track for their main event with $10,000 on the line to the winner.

TRACK TEST – Tyre pressure with DR
Tyre pressure is an important when tuning your kart. But, how can you tell if the tyre pressure is wrong? We looked into the matter for you by going to the Valle del Liri circuit with the DR team. 

The la test innovation at RKS is represented by J-Box, a junction box with 4 inlets, which allows you to expand the system made up of Dash-K1 and data-logger µ-Box.

RACE REPORT – Macau GP SKF & CIK Asia-Pacific KF3 Championship
After winning the Macau Kart Grand Prix in 2007 and 2008, Marco Ardigò now takes the last ever SKF title against the very fierce rivals of Kosmic duo Cooper/Convers. The KF3 Asia-Pacific title goes to england’s Matthew Graham, debuting with Crg official team.

RACE REPORT – 500 Milhas Granja Viana
Started 14 years ago, the 500 Milhas Granja Viana Kart has become the most traditional kart race in Brazil and one of the major endurance events in the world. Stars like Rubens Barrichello, Tony Kanaan, Dan Wheldon and Felipe Massa have been joined by Crg stars Davide Foré, Arnaud Kozlinski and Michelle Gatting.

RACE REPORT – Asian Karting Open Championship Round 5
The AKOC Championship concluded its 2010 edition with a record 89 participants. But perhaps more note-worthy than the increasing number of drivers joining the fray is the fact that the 2010 season marked a step up in the quality of the drivers and the professionalism of the teams.

Small differences in size of expansion determine great differences in power delivery of a 2-stroke engine. In karting they have allowed mufflers to be homologated, avoiding cost escalation. But are the tests as accurate as they should be?

S.O.S. KARTING – Water pump
This month we are going to see how to overhaul the pump, which is a very important accessory 
if you want a reliable engine.

VINTAGE – Historic Masters Go Kart 2010
The second appointment with the Historic Master Go Kart 2010 was the occasion for confirming the great potential of historic karting, something that is spreading in Europe and ready to spread in Italy too!

No much national racing going on at this time of year, besides the final round of the Singapore National Championship on the superb KartRight Speedway Circuit, the Spanish National Championship, with two titles still pending, and the Street of Lancaster Grand Prix in the USA.

COLUMNS – Mondokart & 2011 International racing calendar
When the top people in karting tell their opinion, it’s always a must reporting. So we start the news section with the statement of Crg boss Giancarlo Tinini on the state of karting, where it’s at and where it should be heading. Birel released chassis and rear bumper novelties; IKA-KART2000 presents the 2011 Offenbach Show. MAXSpeed Group and MRP Motorsport took on the PRI in full strength. Crg awarded the protagonists of the 2010 season; and the CIK published the winner of the tender for the U18 tyre provider.
We close with the definitive version of the 2011 calendar including both CIK and International events...

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