Bahrain's Shaikh Abdulla heads up World Karting

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Bahrain’s Shaikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa, an existing member of Motorsport’s governing body the FIA World Motor Sport Council, has been confirmed as the new President of the FIA’s Karting body, the Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK). The announcement comes following the meeting of the FIA’s General Assembly in Paris on Friday (November 5th). Shaikh Abdulla takes over from outgoing CIK-FIA President Nicolas Deschaux.


Incoming President Shaikh Abdulla today said:
“I am delighted and honoured to be taking up the Presidency of the CIK-FIA. It is true recognition of the importance placed upon the regions of the world by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council, especially with such a vital discipline which sits at the very heart of grass roots Motorsport and is a testament to the diversity of the World Council.
“Karting has a unique role to play in Motorsport, not only as a mature discipline in its own right, but as the very backbone of Motorsport. Many of the world’s leading racing Drivers today kick-started their careers through Karting, which still remains the critical route to the pinnacle of motor racing. We have a proud history behind us and, I believe, an exciting future ahead.
“My thanks go to outgoing CIK-FIA President Nicolas Deschaux who has worked tirelessly to develop and promote Karting during his tenure and, in particular, opened a new path for the sport which has delivered robust changes.
“As the International Karting Commission’s new President, my aim will be to help further shape and define Karting, not just in its traditional geographies, but further afield too. We have a vibrant and hugely important sport, which not only provides a highly accessible entry point for Motorsport enthusiasts, it provides a spring board for racing Drivers of the future, as evidenced by countless former F1 world champions.
“Karting’s continued growth, on a global basis, is essential to increasing awareness, enjoyment and participation in Motorsport and is a fundamental pillar of its future development. FIA President Jean Todt is pursuing a clear vision of the sustainable development of Motorsport, which includes increasing its geographic reach, as well as the continued enhancement of the structures of the FIA, along with a firm commitment to reflecting the role that individual regions have to play in the FIA’s development. Karting should be an exemplar in this regard and I welcome the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Karting globally.”


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