Kosmic Kart World Series Champion in SKF and KF2 category

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Spectacular double declutch for our colours in the WSK World Series, too. After the success in the continental series of SKF category, our Kosmic Kart Racing Department wins two times and in the World Series, held in Sharm el Sheikh, with Armand Convers in SKF category and Sébastien Bailly in KF2 one. Moreover, we also gained the teams’ title in SKF category, the World Cup. With this success, the most important championship of the year ends up with the strong Kosmic Kart-Vortex signature.




WSK WORLD SERIES 3rd trial - October, 27th to 31st, International Circuit Ghibli Raceway, Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt)


Strong emotions in SKF category with our driver Convers, in trouble during the qualifying rounds only, while Cooper leads the competition conquering the second row at the end of the qualifying heats.

All technical material is at his top performances ready both for the pre-final and the Final and decisive competition, allowing Convers to gain points in both races for the third position and to win the most prestigious title of the season, the WSK World Series’.

During the Final Convers constantly raced at top positions, also taking the control of the competition; however, its championship’s needs awarded him not to take any useless risk with the racers not involved in the title’s race.

The third position in the final allowed our driver to win over the direct rival by 5.5 points, the Dutch De Vries, thus winning the WSK World Series, after the success in the Euro Series, too.

The recovery of Ben Cooper, too, Kosmic Kart-Vortex’ team, was also important. Indeed, with the success gained during the whole championship, he got the fourth position in the Final, contributing to the Kosmic Kart Racing Department manufacturers’ victory (World Series).

As much exciting was also Bailly’s success in KF2 category. Our driver came to Egypt with a third position and after concluding a perfect weekend, with a pole position, a best lap round in the pre-final and a win in the Final, he gave us the chance to obtain a deserved title.

The KF2 competition was even more exhilarating since we were fighting with our “brother” teams, Tony Kart Racing Team and Tony Kart Junior Racing Team, comparing a well balanced technical material, and heightening the supremacy of Kosmic Kart and Tony Kart chassis and of Vortex RAD engines. The Mercury’s chassis showed off, for the umpteenth time in the season now, a very good versatility thus deserving the complete success in the World Series.

The matching with Vortex RAD engines created the perfect chassis-engine union and the double success is the clear confirmation of the strong potential of our technical “package”.

Link at : http://www.wskarting.it/


Olivier Marechal – Kosmic Kart Racing Department Team Manager

I believe we deserved both victories since we always proved good and constant performances during the whole championship, on very different circuits. In KF categories we have been racing with these performances since the beginning of the season, thanks to fantastic chassis and engines allowing us to show off our best. Our team always did a good job and these two victories should be the incentive to keep on working the same way. We still have important engagements on next November and what I want is not to lose the concentration inside the team”.


Armand Convers – Kosmic Kart Racing Department driver - SKF Champion in the WSK World and Euro Series

I am satisfied with this success. I only regret I got it due to a disqualification of Nick (De Vries), anyway our technical level is high and our performances are alike since the beginning of the season. I thank all the team and praise the technical material, Kosmic and Vortex made and excellent job. I guess by continuing this way we will be able to end up the season at this top-level.”


Sébastien Bailly – Kosmic Kart Racing Department driver – KF2 Champion in the WSK World Series

Anything was fine and I succeeded. The day before the race we could only wish to win in order to go straight to the championship and we fully concentrated on this aim. The chassis was perfect and anything worked out well, even when I lost some positions, such as in the pre-final, my kart allowed me to recover without any problem. As well, this success was possible thanks to the team-members’ job, too.”




Important technical support for the success of the Kosmic Kart Racing Department and its drivers undoubtedly is the braking system. Kosmic top-range chassis are provided with the OTK BS7 braking system.

BS7 is one of the strong points of the technical package allowing Kosmic Kart Mercury to gain the success both in the WSK World Series, with the SKF category and in the WSK Euro Series, KF2 category.

OTK research and development area is made up of skilled and experienced technical staff working out on continuous technical tests and on the study of new materials. The main aim of this job is to conceive more and more performing and reliable components.

BS7 braking system comes from over 30 years experience in competitions and thanks to modern and developed equipments, such as three-dimensional software, it has achieved now its maximum optimization.

3D cad systems allow to obtain, while planning already, exact math models, ready to undergo the prototype phase and subsequently to the test on track.

At the end of a meticulous planning and development path, aimed at granting the highest quality standards, OTK BS7 braking system comes to the manufacturing process in order to equip, other than Kosmic Kart, the top range Tony Kart, FA Kart and Exprit chassis.


Front OTK BS7 braking system’s data sheet

- Ergal 70/75 front brake pump

- Steel front brake disk, diameter Ø 139 millimeters

- Brake caliper provided with 4 hand-controlled pistons

- Steel brake pipes aeronautical type

- Ergal 70/75 steel machined aluminium



  1. A. Convers score 148

  2. N. De Vriest score 142,5

  3. A. Kozlinski score 95,5


SKF WORLD CUP (three positions still unofficial)

  1. Kosmic Kart Racing Department score 237

  2. CRG spa score 185,5

  3. Chiesa Corse score 168,5



  1. S. Bailly score 148

  2. C. Lock score 128

  3. I. D’Agosto score 113


KF2 WORLD CUP (three positions still unofficial)

Tony Kart Racing Junior Team score 241

Tony Kart Racing Team score 224

Kosmic Kart Racing Department score 179







Armand Convers


Super KF


Ben Cooper

Great Britain

Super KF






Sébastien Bailly



Press release: OTK M&C

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