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In the last few weeks CRG has developed a market research using all its social platforms and some sharing channels with the dealer network. The objective of the interview was to define the characteristics that, according to enthusiasts, a Racing Kart should have, therefore created for national and international racing.

Some indications were predictable, others were quite surprising.
Given that each user could indicate a maximum of 2 or 3 characteristics of the kart mixed together, it emerged with a marked percentage (24.8%) that the ease in finding the ideal setup is the most important characteristic for our users. 
If we add to this data the fact that 14.3% of the interviewees declared that the driving feeling is one of the most appreciated features of a racing go-kart, we arrive at approximately 40% of the interviewees, who believe the driving sensations and performance of your chassis on the track are fundamental. 
On the podium, one of the most appreciated features is the fact that the chassis in question is a winning one and from this point of view the most highlighted showcase are the WSK and FIA International races, but also the National Championships and the major single-make trophies. 
The price, both of purchase and of spare parts, is a priority for just over 8% of those interviewed, confirming that racing requires quality and costs are a factor that, in a competitive environment, are almost taken for granted.
From this point of view, it is worth saying that the costs for technical equipment are not the most significant part of the budget for those who practice karting as a sport and that this problem must first and foremost be fought on the extra costs of the races and not so much on their technical side.
Finally, it is interesting to underline how design is important for 7.5% of our audience (but among young people this percentage rises exponentially) and how the reference team or dealer (still) plays an important role for their technical know-how for almost 10% of those interviewed, despite the growth of e-commerce platforms that generates ever more autonomy on the part of end customers.

Press Release by: CRG - 11/07/24

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