Incredible Vasile in KZ2. Senna Van Walstijn Unrivaled in KZ

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The final of the first round of the European KZ2 Championship provided a spectacular show, from the start to the last lap. In KZ, Van Walstijn (Sodi/Tm), after quickly shaking off Gustafsson (CRG/Tm), led the final ahead of Albanese and Travisanutto.

KZ2 - Many had assumed Matteo Spirgel (CPB Sport) would secure the victory, based on his performance throughout the weekend. However, it was Daniel Vasile who disrupted those expectations. The Romanian driver from Birel Art/Tm surprised everyone by climbing from the second row to overtake the front runners. On the third lap, as expected, Spirgel retaliated and overtook Vasile at the finish line, but Vasile was not ready to relinquish the lead easily.
The thrilling battle between these two drivers, both aiming for the top result, was a spectacle not seen in a while, even though it wasn’t the decisive race for the title. Severiukhin (Birel Art/Tm) took advantage of their duel, passing Spirgel, who then found himself contending with his CPB teammates, Jungling and Schormans, both of whom had shown strong performance over the weekend. This internal skirmish allowed the Birel Art duo to extend their lead.

The final continued to deliver intense moments. Spirgel, refusing to give up, closed in on the leading duo, overtook Severiukhin, and set his sights on Vasile. Despite struggling with significant tire wear, Vasile managed to block Spirgel’s attacks. Orlov joined the leading trio, but ultimately, it was the incredible Vasile who crossed the finish line first, followed by Spirgel and Orlov. The Russian from Modena Kart, starting from 26th in qualifying and the sixth row in the prefinal, earned his podium spot thanks to a remarkable comeback in the last two finals on Sunday.
The final round of this Continental series, scheduled for late August in Val Vibrata, promises to be just as spectacular.

KZ - In the premier class, the Dutch driver from Sodi, powered by Tm, reaffirmed his superiority in the final after a brilliant victory in the prefinal. The race lacked significant drama, with the outcome decided almost immediately after the start when Van Walstijn overtook Gustafsson, who then quickly lost his position to Albanese as well. The only late-race excitement was the duel for third place between Gustafsson and a resurgent Travisanutto, who ultimately secured a well-deserved podium spot alongside Albanese.
The championship battle in the premier class also remains open, with the final round in Val Vibrata set to determine the title. Van Walstijn, Gustafsson, and Albanese are separated by just a few points, making for an exciting conclusion to the season.

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