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Just as ACI Sport Karting Commission President Raffaele Giammaria announces an on-track test to limit the performance of the Minikart Under10, we remind him that the Minikart XS class already exists, homologated and 20 km/h slower on the straight... (p.m.)

This morning, a statement was issued by the Italian Federation, in which President Raffaele Giammaria informs us that the first organized test with the 60 cc engine manufacturers would be held in Franciacorta to determine new regulations with the most noble and desired goal: to reduce the performance of the Minikart Under 10.

For those of us at Vroom who follow the 60 cc class with particular attention, such a statement can only provoke justified perplexity. Indeed, President Giammaria may have forgotten that from this engine homologation onwards, the Minikart XS class has already been homologated by the same competent sports authorities. This was decided after a positive test held in Cremona with the participation of the same 60 cc engine manufacturers. (see also this:

The approved but NEVER implemented technical regulations state that the Under 10 is to be named Minikart XS, differentiating it from Group 3 by a smaller carburetor with a 15 mm diffuser instead of 18 mm, an electronic control unit with a limiter at 12000 rpm, and a final ratio with an 11-tooth pinion and a maximum 75-tooth crown gear. In this configuration, the Minikart XS was one second per lap slower than Group 3, but more importantly, its top speed decreased by about 20 km/h, achieving the primary goal of those tests.

The question we would like to ask President Raffaele Giammaria is the following: if the test was successfully carried out, if the sports authority has homologated the Minikart XS category for the Under 10, if three simple and economically reversible modifications are enough to then be able to use the engine interchangeably in the XS and Group 3, what is the purpose of another on-track meeting and another test? To again approve the XS Under 10 with a small carburetor, a control unit with a rev limiter, and a semi-fixed ratio?
For those who have been involved in karting for a long time, it is clear that this result is already the best that can be achieved by balancing the interest of reducing speed, not changing too many rules, and containing costs. Because, as is well known, the problem is not so much the lap time as the top speeds reached by these young kids.

Having said that, we can only ask President Raffaele Giammaria why, instead of immediately implementing the XS category from the beginning of the year since it had been tested, approved, and homologated, he starts redoing the same tests mid-season? How much does it cost the federation (not the engine manufacturers...) to move people to the track, organize the test, analyze the acquired data, and possibly approve the same modifications again? Or did Giammaria forget about the existence of the Minikart XS?



Created by: fmarangon2 - 28/06/24

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