FIA European Championship. Van Langendonck wins and secures the title in OKJ. In OK, first victory for Ramaekers.

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The Belgian driver (Forza Racing), powered by TM, dominated a spectacular final and secured the European title. In OK, in a final with an extremely intense start, Ramaekers won unchallenged, marking his first victory in the premier class. Gomez retired! Turney is on the verge of winning the title.

OKJ Final
The Junior final was thrilling, fought until the last lap. At the start, Langendonck took the lead and after a few laps extended his gap from the rest of the group. Behind the Belgian, chaos ensued. The battle heated up among Sala, Schaufler, Pohjola, Kamjab, Kraeling, and Calleja. Meanwhile, Martinese fell out of the leading pack and, due to some contact, dropped back about ten positions. Midway through the race, behind the top three: Langendonck, Kamjab, and Pohjola, the battle reignited with Arias taking advantage and moving into fourth position, while Schaufler and Sala lost contact with the leaders, dropping to ninth and fourteenth places respectively. The finale was exciting due to Pohjola’s comeback – who had already stood out in the Super Heats – on Kamjab. The Finnish driver from Tony Kart, after securing second place, set his sights on the race leader. The gap between the two was less than a second and Pohjola’s lap times suggested the finish would be anything but predictable. Two laps from the finish, Pohjola caught the leader and tried to overtake, but the Belgian closed the door, forcing the Finn to lift off and allowing Kamjab to slip through. As Langendonck gained precious meters and crossed the finish line with a safe margin, Kamjab and Pohjola, after a brief exchange, battled for second place, which eventually went to the Englishman, also powered by TM. Martinese did well to climb back up to fourth place.

OK Final
Not quite so fine for the OK final, but Turney enjoyed it. Several collisions following a frantic start marred the end of this competition, which was dominated by Ramaekers, claiming his first victory in the category. The starting segment and the subsequent braking left much to be desired, and the race director had to restart the race twice before giving the go-ahead on the third attempt. However, even in this third attempt, something was amiss as the front rows bunched up right after the first corner. The Belgian was the only one to get through unscathed, while multiple contacts, due to a bottleneck at the front of the grid, led to Gomez’s retirement – dashing his title hopes – and penalizing Iglesias, Morgatto, and Wherrell, to name a few in the top positions. Turney cruised and finished seventh, and with Gomez out, he enjoyed his race nonetheless.

PS. A warning to the race direction: on occasions like these and on certain tracks, especially with the more experienced drivers who should set an example, it would have been appropriate to display the red flag and impose some penalties to have the desired effect before resuming the procedure. This would have restored credibility to the race, and perhaps even the championship, regardless of who wins.

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