Morgatto leads in OK, while Schaufler and Van Langendonck are the frontrunners in OKJ

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The third round of the FIA Karting European Championship OK and OKJ is taking place in Slovakia. Morgatto (Birel Art/Tm Kart) is leading in the OK category. Meanwhile, in the OKJ category, the frontrunners for the final victory are Schaufler (KR/Iame) and Van Langendonck (Forza Racing/Tm Kart).

The rain on Saturday morning affected the initial qualifying races, but as the hours passed, the weather conditions improved, and by lunchtime, the competitors were able to switch to slick tires. Consequently, lap times began to drop, and the races visibly transformed into more credible competitions, offering greater opportunities for those who had more to excel.

Among these competitors, Matheus Morgatto (Birel Art/Tm Kart) managed to secure the first position at the end of the heats after achieving the 11th fastest time in Friday's qualifying. Morgatto demonstrated his speed and fully intends to take advantage of this position to aim for the top spot and earn valuable points to climb the championship standings. This is a goal shared by the entire team to return to the top ranks of the most important competition in this discipline.

The Brazilian will have to watch out for a fierce group of contenders for the victory, but his experience and the track layout should allow him to hold off his current opponents. Among these are the young Ramaekers, Iglesias, Helias, and Monteiro (who set the fastest qualifying time).

As for the battle at the top of the championship, Turney and Gomez, who also had unremarkable qualifying times, will do everything to consolidate the top two positions in the championship. However, for the Brazilian driver of CRG, it will be a challenge to catch up to the Englishman given the starting position. For the record, in the only occasion they found themselves in the same heat (the penultimate), they dueled as if it were the final, resulting in a contact that fortunately did not lead to Gomez's withdrawal this time... It would have been a repeat of the World Championship.

In the Junior category, the standings on the eve of the final phase look more interesting with Niklas Schaufler (KR/Iame) and Dries Van Langendonck (Exprit/Tm Kart) making a difference even on a wet track and competing for the final victory, although for the Belgian leader, the main goal is to earn as many points as possible for the championship. This is a favorable opportunity considering that his rival Costoya is only in 31st position.

Noteworthy are the performances of the two Italians, Martinese (KR/Iame) and Sala (LN/Tm Kart), the latter setting the fastest qualifying time, who, in addition to performing well, are also protagonists in the thrilling motor duel between Iame and Tm.

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