The 1000th unit of the T4: a milestone for Tillotson

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Five years ago, a renowned karting company, recognized for its exceptional carburetors, showed their T4 Series project to the world. A dependable, affordable, and notably cost-effective mono brand kart package. Now in the lead up to their annual event, T4 Nations Cup, we look at the evolution of T4 Series and the production of the 1000th unit, symbolizing a significant milestone for the company.

Drawing on its proficiency in 4-cycle engine development and competition carburetors, Tillotson unveiled the T4 kart at the prestigious White River circuit near Dublin in May 2019, the culmination of two years of research & development by Team Tillotson and their partners. The project's goal was to establish a category that catered to individuals seeking the excitement of competitive racing but lacked the resources, time, or expertise to handle a costly professional 2-cycle kart. The T4 Series was designed as an inclusive mono-brand category where drivers could showcase their skills without focusing on financial differences.

The T4 Kart chassis was developed by the Tillotson Racing team, alongside their partners IPK while concurrently developing the 225cc engine, capable of delivering approximately 15 horsepower. The category took off successfully in its homeland, Ireland, just before the pandemic disrupted plans – as it did for many during that time.
Nevertheless, by 2020, Tillotson was able to organize the inaugural T4 World Cup, which was intended to be another cornerstone of the T4 galaxy: a global event where drivers from around the world could participate either by invitation from distributors, based on sporting merits, or simply because they were eager to experience a unique motorsport event.

With a focus on accessibility as the main goal, Tillotson introduced two new chassis models just in time for their annual event. The T4 Junior, aimed at drivers aged 11 to 16, and the T4 Mini, tailored for drivers aged 8 to 12, were developed to promote grassroots racing within T4 Series globally. Both divisions debuted at Kiltorcan Raceway, receiving a positive response and paving the way for all three categories to compete at the T4 World Cup 2021. This post-COVID inaugural event was a major success, showcasing a growing base of loyal customers and underlining their commitment to the brand with over 100 enthusiasts participating. Tillotson announces launch of T4 Esports Series September 2021 - a simulated race experience developed in association with KartSim and hosted on the RFactor2 racing platform. T4 Esports launched with spectacular prizes up for grabs, including entry to Tillotson's T4 World Cup. The first ever winner of T4 Esports was invited to race at Whiteriver park as part of the T4 Senior grid. Unfortunately, his race didn’t go as planned but this still proved to be a smart move from Tillotson. T4 Esports 2022 saw both a Junior and \senior driver win spots on the grid for T4 Nations Cup. In true Tillotson fashion, history was made with the T4 Senior driver winning the T4 Nations Cup senior classification in 2022.

The inaugural T4 Nation Cup event at the Valencia International Circuit Lucas Guerrero in September 2022 had an increased number of entries, with 110 drivers from 21 countries in attendance. This solidified the T4 Nations Cup as a prestigious year-end event, comparable to other major single-brand competitions. T4 Nations Cup 2023 was also held in Valencia Spain with another record-breaking entry of 182 drivers from 26 countries. Another historic moment for Tillotson came in 2023 with the addition of a huge sponsor for T4 Nations Cup - Maxxis Racing, who launched their new branding at the event. Tillotson and Maxxis have collaborated since 2018 when Tillotson chose the Maxxis karting tyre for the then newly developed T4 Series. The companies worked together through Schuurman BV, European distributor for Maxxis based in Holland, to create the official Maxxis T4 tyres which is now used globally for T4 Series categories. This partnership evolved into a three-year sponsorship deal for Tillotson T4 Series & annual T4 Nations Cup. This record-breaking deal in the world of karting has already helped with the growth and development of T4 Series & T4 Nations Cup.

T4 Series now offers a complete range of chassis, including the T4 Bambino for ages 5 to 8, to provide a stepping stone for drivers transitioning to the established T4 Mini category. This progression allows racers to advance through the T4 Junior and Senior classes seamlessly.
Regional T4 Series events organized by T4 Dealers is growing worldwide, becoming a true commercial phenomenon: in Europe, Asia, Central and South America. Recently, T4 Series made its debut in Italy at South Garda, a track which to anyone in karting is seen as the mecca of karting in Europe. This expansion has been achieved through collaborating closely with ASN’s to maintain consistent racing standards and driver safety regulations in all regions, a achievement that Tillotson takes great pride in.
At the turn of 2024 the factory celebrated the production of the 1000th kart, a significant milestone that, as stated by Tillotson, represents just the first step towards a new way of conceiving karting.

Team Tillotson who are always pushing forward have announced a new addition to the T4 Galaxy will be unveiled soon... any guesses what is next?


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