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The 13th season of National Series Karting began last weekend on May 2 to 5 with a tough event. The 243 drivers present on the Jen Brun international circuit in Varennes-sur-Allier competed under varied weather conditions until the finals were contested in the dry with a few rays of sunshine on Sunday afternoon (Jen Wade-photos KSP)

The atmosphere was relaxed in the paddock, with everyone seemingly delighted to take part in a well-organized competition on such a spectacular circuit that provided some sensational racing. The new, more concentrated schedule, thanks to the elimination of warm-ups, won all the votes. In reducing the pace of the weekend, it allowed participants to better enjoy the breakfast offered by organizers 3MK Events and also added a comfortable lunch break.

On the track, the hierarchy evolved according to weather conditions. After qualifications and wet qualifying heats, the gradual return of a dry track for the finals gave rise to several large-scale comebacks and kept up the suspense.
3MK Events and its partners encouraged their usual branding that promotes a friendly ambience and focus on sportsmanship to the NSK Championship, to the appreciation of the many drivers, teams and supporters. With a season squeezed into three events this year, the issue of tickets for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals 2024 became even more pressing for the vital points over the weekend.

The National Series Karting continues in its 13th season with the underlying values of a positive and sporting approach, which have ultimately shaped its success until now. Prestigious circuits, high-level organization, thrilling races, maximum fairness, friendly atmosphere and extraordinary prizes, where everything is done to ensure the satisfaction of participants and fans at the NSK Championship. The choice of major French circuits such as Varennes-sur-Allier, Val d'Argenton and Aunay-les-Bois reflects on the prestige of the NSK and the pleasure of the competitors.
In addition to its collaboration with WFR Solutions for race control and live streaming, 3MK Events thanks its partners 3,2,1 Perform by Xavier Feuillet, ITAKAshop, Quincaillerie Aixoise and Extrême Limite. The service provided by the ASK Varennes volunteers deserves to be praised.

Mini 60: Doillon is gaining momentum
Pole position: Tom Borde (Formula K/Vortex) Heats: Charles Ural (Praga/Vortex)
Super Heats: Evan Achard (Exprit/Vortex) and Jayden Soupiron (Formula K/Vortex)
Final: Lucas Doillon (Formula K/Vortex) got off to a superb start, regained 10 places and took the lead on the second lap. He won by more than three seconds ahead of Carsten Soer (Tony Kart/Vortex) who had fought well within the top 6. Penalized, Antton Bouchard (Praga/Vortex) gave up 3rd place to Eliot Gomis (Formula K/Vortex) while Soupiron secured 4th position ahead of Édouard Ruget (Praga/Vortex).
1- Lucas Doillon (Formula K/Vortex-Chrono Kart)
2- Carsten Soer (Tony Kart/Vortex-One-C)
3- Eliot Gomis (Formula K/Vortex-Kart In Pro)

National: Girardet on the edge against Soares
Pole position: Nino Delaunay (Kosmic/Rotax) Heats: Gabriel Benecchi (Kosmic/Rotax)
Super Heats: Benecchi and Rayanne Bourguignon (Kosmic/Rotax)
Final: Benecchi was the first leader of a lively race from the start. Aloïs Girardet (CRG/Rotax) had a brief taste of P1 before handing over to Bourguignon. Lilian Soares (Redspeed/Rotax) returned to the lead at the end of the race, but Girardet put in two solid final laps and won by 72 thousandths against Soares. Matthéo Dauvergne (Kosmic/Rotax) concluded with 3rd position ahead of Vivien Guyonnet (Redspeed/Rotax) up 10 places and Gabriel Gerdil (Kosmic/Rotax) gaining 19 spots.
1- Aloïs Girardet (CRG/Rotax-Circuit de l’Enclos)
2- Lilian Soares (Redspeed/Rotax-SG Drivers)
3- Matthéo Dauvergne (Kosmic/Rotax-PB Kart)

MAX Senior: Strong final for Lemeray
Pole position: Simon Périgny (Tony Kart/Rotax)
Heats: Mehdi Lassoued (Sodi/Rotax)
Super Heats: Hugo Martiniello (Kosmic/Rotax) and Arthur Robin (Gillard/Rotax)
Final: Martiniello took over from Périgny in the lead from lap 2 until Nolan Lemeray (Sodi/Rotax) secured the top spot of the field on the sixth lap. He increased his lead over Martiniello as the laps went by and won the race by more than a second ahead of his opponent. Tom Langlois (Tony Kart/Rotax) confirmed his podium in 3rd position with the best lap. Maxime Geley (Sodi/Rotax) climbed a whopping 22 places for 4th place ahead of Mathis Parlant (Tony Kart/Rotax) making up 9.
1- Nolan Lemeray (Sodi/Rotax-RM Concept)
2- Hugo Martiniello (Kosmic/Rotax-Dream Racing)
3- Tom Langlois (Tony Kart/Rotax-Daems Racing Team)

MAX Masters: Bessac starts with a victory
Pole position: Nicolas Roi Sans Sac (Tony Kart/Rotax)
Heats: Alexandre-Benoit Bessac (Exprit/Rotax)
Super Heats: Alexandre-Benoit Bessac
Final: 2023 Champion, Alexandre-Benoit Bessac had to face François Vauthier (EOS/Rotax) and Rémy Provost (KR/Rotax) who clashed in the last lap. Bessac won at the end of a long battle while Alexandra Cortinovis (Kosmic/Rotax) distinguished herself during a very convincing gain of 11 places. Penalized for his front fairing, Vauthier let Roi Sans Sac claimed 3rd position ahead of Éric Le Moine (Sodi/Rotax) up 6 places and Jérôme Rousseau (Gillard/Rotax) who posted the best lap.
1- Alexandre-Benoit Bessac (Exprit/Rotax-Kart In Pro)
2- Alexandra Cortinovis (Kosmic/Rotax-AS Racing)
3- Nicolas Roi Sans Sac (Tony Kart/Rotax-NPS)

DD2: Broggio makes the difference in the final
Pole position: Jules Cousin (Tony Kart/Rotax)
Heats: Victor Sendin (LN/Rotax)
Super Heats: Paul Fourquemin (Tony Kart/Rotax)
Final: Fourquemin quickly relieved Sendin of his lead at the beginning of the race, but Antoine Broggio (Birel ART/Rotax) definitively took control halfway through and maintained a gap of more than 5 tenths until the finish. Fourquemin was P2 with the fastest lap, easily adapting to the new category this year. Kylian Guérin (KR/Rotax) moved up to 3rd position ahead of Noah Hipp (EOS/Rotax), both up 4 places. Sendin completed the top 5.
1- Antoine Broggio (Birel ART/Rotax-TTC)
2- Paul Fourquemin (Tony Kart/Rotax-Daems Racing Team)
3- Kylian Guérin (KR/Rotax-Dream Racing)

DD2 Masters: Seguin finishes in style
Pole position: Rudy Champion (Gillard/Rotax)
Heats: Rudy Champion Super Heats: Charles Seguin (Tony Kart/Rotax)
Final: Seguin dominated the final from start to finish, winner of the category and 3rd place in the combined DD2/DD2 Masters ranking. Lucas Joly (Tony Kart/Rotax) made a good final comeback 6'' behind Seguin, while Vivien Cussac-Picot (Tony Kart/Rotax) unfortunately lost time at the start of the race. Nadir Kabagge (Kosmic/Rotax) finished 4th, 2 tenths behind, and Christophe Capitaine (EOS/Rotax) took 5th place.
1- Charles Seguin (Tony Kart/Rotax-NPS)
2- Lucas Joly (Tony Kart/Rotax-Kurb by MD)
3- Vivien Cussac-Picot (Tony Kart/Rotax-NPS)

NSK 2024 Calendar Round 2: May 30 - June 2 – Val d’Argenton
Round 3: September 12-15 – Aunay-les-Bois

The next round of Rotax Max Challenge France takes place from September 26 to 29 at the Solokart circuit in Plessé.

OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION National Series Karting - Varennes
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