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Gabriel Gomez dominates the first round of the OK European Championship in Valencia, and it was certainly not a surprise. But this year, even more so and in light of this performance, it will be difficult to keep up with the Brazilian from CRG (cgg – photo Fotocar13)

The first races of the OK and OKJ European Championship, which kicked off the FIA Karting season, presents certainties from a purely competitive standpoint: Gabriel Gomez in OK and Dries Van Langendock in Junior. Today's spotlight is on the Brazilian from CRG.

Gabriel Gomez made a significant strike, like in baseball, when you make a correct throw of the ball that hits the target without being intercepted by the opposing batter. Already on this occasion, Gomez wasn't intercepted by his opponents, starting with Turney, the most accredited to challenge him. As seen on other occasions when Gomez starts from the front, making the most of the pole position, which is crucial on the Spanish circuit, he is particularly comfortable in managing the race. And, in Valencia, he reiterated this cliché of his with the victory in the final, earning him the maximum possible score: 100 points. His growth has been continuous since he started this adventure with CRG. And this year he has reached a state of awareness in knowing how to best manage the potential he has. If one were to venture a comparison with two past F1 champions, Gomez can be likened more to Prost than to Senna, although Gomez would prefer the opposite, in fact, once the helmet is removed, he somewhat resembles Senna's composure.

Certainly, it's all easier when starting from pole position – one could argue – but when this is not possible, will Gomez still be able to be equally victorious? It's worth remembering that at the 2023 World Championship in Franciacorta, the Brazilian showed he could handle this situation and climb back from an unusual position with a certain mastery, eventually winning the final, albeit by a few tens of meters. Yes, losing the world championship in that way marks you more and at the same time makes you grow. Now his baggage of experience, also thanks to that mishap, is already important and, at these levels, could come in handy.

Gabriel Gomez has grown with CRG just as Louis Iglesias is doing, also the nephew of the better-known Jeremy, with his brilliant second place in Valencia proving to keep up with the leaders throughout an entire race, a capability that last season, although he was among the fastest in dry laps, he was unable to express. The team led by Giancarlo Tinini and assisted by Natalia Balbo and Brandon Nilsson is achieving important results, the result of a well-coordinated effort, including the contribution of the engine tuner Nicola Boscaini (BM) proving functional to the setup of the Iame engine. 

In Valencia, even the approach to fine-tuning the KT2 chassis, for which Eddy Tinini is responsible, proved successful, despite it being the first time fitting the new Maxxis tires. A teamwork effort that allowed various pilots assisted by the team to perform well. In Valencia, apart from Gomez and Iglesias, the performance of Davide Bottaro (7th fastest in qualifying) and Markas Silkunas (fourth fastest in qualifying) did not go unnoticed, both consistently competitive in the heats and Super Heat, finishing the final in ninth and tenth positions. The Fia Karting season has just begun, and the CRG team is more than ever ready to aim for the highest goal.

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