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The preliminary phase of the first round of the European Championship concluded on Saturday, as scheduled, with the completion of the remaining 10 heats after the 5 on Friday for each category. And the sum of penalties confirms what was expected beforehand and, especially in the OK category, a significant duel is anticipated between the Brazilian from CRG, Gabriel Gomez, and the Englishman from KR, Joe Turney. A final phase not to be missed as it approaches, with the Super Heats taking place first on Sunday late morning and after lunch, and finally, the Finale (Fotocar13).

The leitmotif of this eve can only focus on the probable confrontation between the Brazilian and the Englishman, who could find themselves face to face in the Final. An eventuality not even so remote, and after what happened in the final of the OK World Championship at Franciacorta, the duel presents all the nuances of a rematch. Victory, on this occasion, is certainly not decisive for the conquest of the continental title, although it remains the main objective for every driver. We are only at the first round, and we know that this event is won with consistency in results, but the misfortune of last October 8th has nevertheless left a mark and perhaps even a trail: at stake, let's remember, was the world title, the most important goal of the whole season, and in the accident that ensued, both paid dearly.
In Valencia, we find ourselves with a particularly captivating final phase set. The eve is full of expectation for this face-off... And, as anticipated in the preview reflection of the European Championship on Thursday, on the importance of the driver in karting, a better opportunity could not have presented itself to vindicate its truthfulness. A duel that we hope will unfold under the best auspices, and above all, offer the best and the beauty of this motorsport discipline.
But obviously, Gomez and Turney won't be the only ones battling it out in OK, although they have earned the spotlight they deserve given what they showed during the qualifying heats. Heats that also confirmed what was expected for Morgatto (BirelArt/Tm) who will join his compatriot Gomez at the start of the Super Heats (A), while Pavan will have to face Turney in the Super Heats (B). Wherrell and the American Khantan, Costa and Bottaro to follow. For what they showed in quali, Drummond, Khavalkin, and Silkunas have missed the train of the firsts and now aim to make up for it in the Super Heats. Another notable absence from the top ranks of the grid is Bondarev (28th), for now, he has not managed to climb up as expected. Also, Ramaekers (16th) will have to give it his all if he wants to aim for the podium in the final.
Also in the Junior category, as anticipated on Thursday, the two drivers to beat are confirmed to be Schaufler (DPK Racing) and Van Langendock (Forza Racing). In this case, the duel also concerns the engines, with the Belgian world champion powered by Tm, while the Austrian is propelled by Iame. Confirmation also for Costoya (Parolin/Tm) and the Finnish Lehtimaki (Tony Kart/Vortex). There are also no shortages in the OKJ category for witnessing a nail-biting final phase.
Photo: Fotocar13

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