Ennio Gandolfi returns to racing after 20 years

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The field of this year's KZ Master is becoming increasingly interesting: alongside Forè and Manetti, we have the 2004 World Champion Ennio Gandolfi, competing on a Tonykart (fm)

It's now official: Ennio Gandolfi will participate in the two rounds of the European KZ Master (a category reserved for Over 35s) and the "world championship" – named the FIA KARTING INTERNATIONAL MASTERS SUPER CUP – in Portimao next October. Ennio, who has been the Karting Manager at the Cremona International Circuit for several years, returned to the kart track last summer after nearly 20 years of inactivity, purely for the pleasure of getting back behind the wheel. But then something triggered him: "At first, I just took a few laps and enjoyed it, then a combination of things made me think about racing again: first, I got back into shape physically, losing about 10 kg through regular workout. Then I started to enjoy it, and yes, certainly seeing my former colleagues Manetti and Forè engage in that epic battle on the track at Wackersdorf reignited a strong desire in me. Then, suddenly, I received an offer from Tonykart to race, and that's when I made up my mind. Racing with Tony's colors had been a dream back when I was competing full-time, and now here we are, writing this new chapter. I'm very happy for this opportunity." Born in 1977, Gandolfi was the Super ICC World Champion in 2004 in Mariembourg with Birel livery and is one of the drivers from the generation that witnessed the golden age of 100cc with the Formula A and Super A categories, experiencing probably the most iconic and spectacular years of our sport alongside Manetti, Trulli, Beggio, Forè, Orsini, and many others. He retired from driving in 2005 to first dedicate himself to his own team and then to the Cremona Circuit, which over the years he has helped grow into an international venue that has hosted significant global events. Now, most of his training takes place on that same track, and it seems that his pace is as good as it used to be: "The chrono is ok so far, I feel fit, and I believe I'm almost there with the preparation; I can't wait." Unfortunately, the first round of the European KZ Master was canceled for reasons we are well aware of, but Ennio will be on the track for his first race nonetheless in April, at the second round of the Coppa Italia di Zona 1, of course, on his home track.

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