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Among the standout profiles of this season's start is Belgian driver Ean Eyckmans, who seems to have found the right environment at Birel Art to establish himself among the consistent top performers in his category.

The early races of the year have generated considerable interest in who might be the hot names of the long 2024 season. In the OK Senior category, several drivers have shown promise, and Eyckmans is certainly one of them. After a somewhat uncertain period in his career, Eyckmans is thriving under the management of Ronni Sala's racing team, which has provided the right environment to bring out the best in this promising driver.

Born in 2008, Ean had a mixed performance last season, but still showed promising signs, especially in the IAME X30 races, which evidently convinced the Lissone-based team to focus on him for a comeback in OK. His sixth-place finish in the Champions Cup was the start of an upward trend in the highly competitive OK category. He continued to improve with each race, starting with the Super Master Series in Lonato, then Cremona, and Franciacorta, where he achieved a third-place finish and a victory in the rain (a condition favored by the Belgian school) and a second place. These results allowed him to lead the OK Senior standings with an 82-point margin with only one round left before the end of the season.

Ean, you're doing very well at this start of the season and you're the leader of the WSK Super Master Series. Did you expect to start like this?
«In the last 6 months I worked very hard together with Birel Art to develop the material and during the wintertests it was very clear that we were working in a positive way, we made big steps and we had a good feeling to start the 2024 season.   So being now the leader in the WSK Super Master Series gives a good feeling but we stay calm and keep working very hard».

What are the main changes you see in you compared to 2023? What is the goal for this year?
«The big change compared to 2023 is that all the pieces of the puzzle comes together, I’m still the same driver but the trust of Ronnie Sala, Jordan Lennox and the Birel Art team give me wings for a good performance this in combination with the GFR Engines is a strong combo. My goal for 2024 is try to collect as much as possible trophies and do a good performance for the Birel Art & GFR Engines, they deserve to be valued for the passion and hard work they do for their brand ».   

What do you think about the level of OK Senior? 

«The level of the OK category is very high again in 2024, all teams who are present in the OK category are working on a very professional way ».

Together with Birel Art, what kind of work are you concentrating on ahead of the FIA races?

«All the work we do is fully in function of the FIA races that are soon ahead. So, let’s keep focused and bring some positive vibes ».

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Press Release by: Vroom - 23/02/24

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