Sainz: «A piece of advice for Hamilton? Come drive my karts..»

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Last Monday was an important day for Carlos Sainz, driver of the Ferrari Team: the presentation of his new brand CS55 Racing and the first official event after the news of his non-renewal with the Team starting from 2025. (fb)

The Spanish driver appeared relaxed and above all focused on preparing for the upcoming 2024 season, also referencing his physical preparation for the races: «It's been a different winter, I've changed my training methods and team, tomorrow I'll be on the track at Fiorano; I'm trying to do more and more cardio to be better prepared than ever. Having this karting project, with which I can train, will certainly help me.»
There were no evident signs of tension from the driver, who instead emphasized in the press conference his motivation for 2024: «It will be a strange season, starting knowing that you will change at the end; does it change anything in terms of motivations? For me, every year in F1 is the most important year, if you're with Ferrari even more so. I'm preparing flat-out to reach the maximum.» 
With his KZ, Carlos didn't hold back, taking advantage of the day by driving together with two longtime friends, Roberto Merhi and Felix Porteiro. The presence of the latter is indeed a noteworthy detail, as emphasized by Sainz himself, as it is very important for him to always be under pressure during training sessions for correct preparation: «For me, it's much more fun and useful to train with someone who pushes me, so I don't relax. If Roberto or Felix can't come, it's always a worse track day for me...» 
The Madrid native then spoke about how karting remains a very useful tool for an F1 driver, stating that he got more tired on board his kart in Cremona than in a Formula 1 Ferrari in Barcelona the previous week. Karting remains therefore both a hobby and a passion, to be transmitted to younger generations through his new brand, for which he claims to already have plans for the future. There were also light-hearted moments, such as when, answering what advice he would like to give to Hamilton, Carlos replied by inviting him to drive his karts.

Photocredit: Fabrizio Boldoni

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