Red Army: one big racing team led by Longhi and Lennox in 2024

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The Birel Art racing team for the upcoming season has just been unveiled. The main news is the integration of Team Lennox into the Birel Art racing team. (fm)

The year 2024 brings several innovations under the Birel Art tent as it prepares to face the upcoming season as a unified “squad”, incorporating the newly born CL Racing Team. The team will be jointly managed by Riccardo Longhi and Jordon Lennox. "We decided to join forces with Team Lennox to improve and optimize the sports and technical management of the racing team, which is increasingly engaged at the global level. Longhi and Lennox will lead Team Birel Art as Team Managers with a 'specialization' related to events: in WSK races, those with the highest number of drivers, one will focus on OK and OKJ (Lennox) and the other on KZ (Longhi), while in various FIA and COTF rounds, they will work together in managing the team" revealed Ronni Sala after the presentation. Regarding drivers, Morgatto will compete under the CL colors in both KZ2 and OK in the FIA calendar, while in the USA, he will be the reference driver for PSL – the American importer of Birel Art. "We needed a skilled driver to race in the USA, and the choice fell on Morgatto, who will run with the KZ2 this year, so having him race in the USA will only increase his experience" explained Longhi. In KZ, Birel will have three top-caliber drivers: the world champion Hiltbrand, Longhi, and Viganò, the latter under the Charles Leclerc livery. Confirmed in the team for the gearbox classes are Daniel Vasile and Cristian Bertuca, Sebastien Belhocine, Gabriel Kawer, Samuele Leopardi, Jean and Samuel Luyet, along with Ricardo Avila. Last but not least, another world champion in the Birel ART ranks: Kirill Kutskov, the fresh winner of the eventful OK World Final in Franciacorta last season. Kutskov stepped onto a KZ2 for the first time last Saturday but will also compete in Formula 4 UAE in the United Arab Emirates this year. "Kutskov wanted to race another year in karting alongside F4, but certainly, in the first three months, he will have to settle his transition to the KZ2 category with us. He definitely has the speed" explained Riccardo Longhi.

The addition of Davide Forè (multiple world champion and winner of the KZ Master World Championship in 2023) to the KZ Master category is the 'icing on the cake' that could not be missing: "Last year, we saw that the Master category was well received and is highly sought after by older drivers. We didn't have a top driver, and rightly among the most likely for this year was Forè (who was also a Team Manager at Birel years ago), so we made an agreement with Davide" concluded Longhi.
In OK, the goal is to achieve significant results that have been missing for several years. Investments have been made in both drivers and equipment. Ean Eyckmans stands out in the OK ranks, having had a good end to the 2023 season, along with Morgatto, who will be with the CL colors. The frequent turnover typical of this category, where many drivers quickly switch to cars, always makes the team composition very fluid. For the current year, the drivers in the team will be Mess Huben, Ludovico Busso, Louis Castellino, and the British Noah Wolfe, with VAR colors due to the partnership between the Lissone Team and the Formula Van Amersfoort Racing Team, a team that promises to show more "red" at the top positions in OK.
In OKJ, there will be young talents such as Gustavo Silva, Travis Teoh, Kortenov Aleksandr (CL), and Mery Peldes for the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy, among others yet to be defined. Finally, the official team will be present in the 60 Mini category with four drivers, including the Italian David Moscardi alongside Lindeman, Minjae, and Osadchi Suslovskyi. The management of the Mini team will be entrusted to Angelo Moscardi.

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