ARRIVE n DRIVE by DRS: giving the kids a full and affordable experience of a proper kart race meeting

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The Daniel Ricciardo Series was formed in 2019 using the Easykart platform in the UK since 2006. From 2019, working with Daniel Ricciardo himself and having his backing made a big impact in the UK.

In 2020, due to Covid, like many things the series inspired by the Australian F1 star took a big setback, but DRS series is slowly recovering, building and re investing for the future growth of category which remains the cheapest when it comes to have a fast kart with low maintenance. Recently, Andy Cox, british partner of Birel Art has also launched an interesting Arrive and Drive formula for kids with the goal to attract newcomers to the sport without big commitment for the families.
«We’re launching this year our DRS Arrive n Drive using a DRS Ricciardo N32 chassis with a restricted Rotax Micro engine.  For us the kart market at entry level is changing and these days there are so many options for kids for sports and a big rise in sim racing and more sport academies in so many sport disciplines available. We think for some parents it's a big financial and time commitment to purchase a kart for kids aged 7 to 13 for them straight away only to maybe realise that karting isn't for them and suddenly choose another sport and migrate to that.» 
The idea seems to align with the collective stance on karting costs, which characterize it as a sport 'for the few'.  «We feel if we can create a racing grid where kids and parents can just turn up and drive and race without heavy financial commitment and for just one day instead of a weekend that this will be popular. Our point is that with our new arrive n drive racing inside a full-blown Motorsport UK karting event they will get the full experience of a proper kart race meeting. Even if it rains DRS will be the first Arrive n Drive Series to fit rain tyres so that drivers really do get "the real racing experience". Hopefully by the end of their first season some drivers and families will be inspired by watching the faster owner DRS driver karts racing on the same day and some of them the following season will purchase their own DRS Ricciardo kart and continue to progress their racing journey with us.»
The latest update for 2024 is the replacement of IAME engines with BMB engines, the same ones used in the Italian Easykart Championship.
« Yes  for 2024 we will introduce the BMB engine range for the 100cc and 125cc and will allow drivers to race both IAME and BMB in 2024. This is to help drivers gently migrate to BMB and create a lighter financial impact rather than say to all the drivers they must change to BMB. Eventually it's our intention that all DRS drivers will use BMB, but with both engine similar in performance we think showing this care and understanding to our customers will help everyone to carry on and change to BMB in a controlled financial way step by step. With BMB it's something fresh and a new look. I personally prepared the BMB 125cc engine myself for Sam Faulkner in our DRS engine department here in the UK when we raced (and win) in Franciacorta last October and I'm happy we were fast and had good reliability. We will now use this engine and its specification and set up for all of our BMB 125cc customers that will use BMB next year in the Daniel Ricciardo Series.»

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