Champion Cup kart: an International high-profile Rental Racing event

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The Formini brothers, founders of CCK to provide services in Rental Karting, have been involved in the karting environment for over thirty years. Piernatale, back in '88, even participated in a 100cc Junior World Championship. Their father, Giorgio, was the President of the Karting Commission of the Automotoclub Storico Italiano (ASI), which organizes the Champions Cup with historic karts on the legendary Jesolo track. Their company organizes a Rental race with a...worldly flavor.

Entering the world of Rental races in 2015, after a few years of hiatus, rekindled the passion for karting for the brothers. Piernatale explains, «My brother and I reconnected with karting through Rental Karting. We raced mainly abroad, having fun and making contacts and friendships worldwide, thanks to this discipline that we noticed has a low economic impact but is highly competitive and rewarding. At that point, it became natural for us to study the market and analyze the offerings in this sector, both in Italy and abroad, to understand how we could do something important for the promotion of this sport.»

In 2021, Champion Cup Kart (CCK) was born, named after the historic race it draws inspiration from. Rocco, CCK's Media and Communication Manager, continues, «Our passion is that there should be a common denominator between the era that many miss in karting, the glorious 70s and 80s, and modern karting. This common line for us is a high-profile competition, accessible to all, held in a highly professional but always respectful, passionate, and friendly organizational context. That's why we decided to name our race 'Champion Cup Kart,' recalling the Coppa dei Campioni – Italian translated to English -  that was raced for many years in Jesolo based on those very principles of accessibility and informality in the paddock, in a context of intense competition.»

The idea of the creators of Champion Cup Kart is to create an event that, even based on Rental, carves out a specific space on an international level. Rocco explains, «CCK Srl is a reality born to organize this event and works all year round with top-level partners to ensure extremely high-quality standards. Our ambition is to be one of those races that 'you can't miss.' Our drivers appreciate the idea of being able to compete, at a relatively low cost, in an 'arrive and drive' international championship, highly competitive and essentially echoing the major events that have made and continue to make karting history, also in terms of sporting content. To involve the participants more, we chose the sprint race format, which indeed imposes frenetic and delicate activities on the organizer (such as the frequent drawing of karts, weight management, transponders, etc.), but for us, the fundamental ingredients of motorsport are those: the adrenaline of the start, the race itself, competing one against all, albeit always with respect for the opponent.»

The categories include age groups, while the minimum weight (a crucial aspect in Rental) is managed through the use of ballast based on the driver's weight:

14-17 years > Junior
18-34 years > Talent
35-44 years > Expert
45-99 years > Master

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