The Rotax Grand Final kicks off in Bahrain

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The key event of the Rotax season starts this weekend at the Bahrain International Karting Circuit in Sakhir. As always, same gokarts for all provided by the organizer of a global event that has no equal in the history of karting and which has inspired every single-brand trophy, of which the Austrian engine manufacturer was a pioneer.(fm)

Everything is ready at the Bahrain International Karting Circuit in Sakhir for the start of a week of racing, which will culminate in the Final on Saturday 9 December, for the karting competition which can be defined, without exaggeration, as a true Motorsport Olympics. First, because whoever is here has competed, won and earned this attendance ticket thanks only to the results obtained, second because in a sport where the machine available can notoriously make the difference to the detriment of talent, the karts are provided by the organizer, rigorously identical and tested so that there are no significant differences in performance and last but not least, because it is a long celebration of sport with 386 drivers on the track who are part of national teams who come to the track from all over the world, literally. The philosophy of 'focus only on driving' has always been the bulwark of the Rotax world, which has become a standard for regional karting races practically all over the world. There are countless professional car drivers, first of all Max Verstappen, who have taken their first steps in the Rotax categories but it is equally true that since its launch, this Championship has put one engine at the center of everything, the 125 Max, that was high-performance and reliable at the same time (to date, the lap times of a Rotax Max Evo are the same as those of an OKN, about 2 seconds from an OK Senior) which allowed and continues to allow many ordinary people, without pharaonic budgets , to compete in high-level karting. There are 4 chassis suppliers for the Final in Bahrain, divided into categories: Birel Art in the DD2 (the gearbox class) and Mini MAX, IPKarting in the Micro MAX and Junior MAX, CL Kart in the DD2 Master and Sodikart for the Senior MAX and the two electric categories E10 and E20Master, engines all strictly identical and tested by Rotax before the event. The prediction is as always difficult, but it must be said that the English team, a country where the category enjoys great popularity, is always one of the favourites, together with the many drivers from the BNL area who we will most likely see among the protagonists even if the conditions of technical parity leaves ample space for the many outsiders and newcomers.


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