Theo Pourchaire: from that podium night in Bahrain in 2016 to 'enfant prodige' in Formula

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The wave of talent heading towards Formula 1 is quite impressive: after Oscar Piastri, the announced and consistent rookie who has done nothing but win since he got into a single-seater (and who could win a lot in Formula 1 in the coming years), after Lawson, which convinced almost everyone upon its debut, another "one of a kind" takes shape in the nightmares of the drivers in the process of renewing their contract during 2024. (fm)

He won the F2 title yesterday which, according to plan, he should have won in 2022. In fact, he won his first single-seater World title yesterday (before this, "just" the German F4), a milestone in a a career which was in some respects amazing in the first part, in others obscured by moments of crisis, perhaps originating from the great pressure he found himself having to cope with. Theo Pourchaire, like all the drivers who break the "youngest" records, was only born in 2003 and his career can be seen as burning - with a great risk of 'burning out', which the Frenchman seems to have escaped - or absolutely aligned with the times that motorsport is experiencing. In karting his most important result is third place in the OKJ World Championship held in Bahrain (where the Rotax Grand Finals will be held next week) achieved in a photo finish race where, ironically, the best F2 rookie of this year year and his teammate, Victor Martins, won the title. Theo has always been precocious, given that that year in the World Championship the thirteen-year-old was racing against kids older than him (Martins himself, born in 2001 and Piastri, who was 6th at the finish line that evening, also from 2001) and this of always being the youngest on the grid has always been a constant throughout his racing career. Since the historic victory at the F2 Montecarlo GP in 2020, just 17 years old, the spotlight has been on him and perhaps especially in 2022 the pressure was great, so much so that the fight for the title was affected and saw the Brazilian Drugovich prevails (who is still far from having found his place in F1). More mature and stronger than the experience of 2022, this year Pourchaire won by racing as an “accountant” (in fact only one victory to his credit, in 2022 there were 3) that title which is not always a guarantee of open doors towards F1 but which in his case may instead be the formality that heralds a promising career, at least from 2025 and onwards: for 2024 we will limit ourselves to seeing him as a permanent presence in the Alfa Romeo box as a third-driver for the already confirmed Bottas and Zhou.

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