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K-BULL is finally available: the chest and rib protector approved with the HRX FIA 8870-2018 standard

Developed in approximately 8 months thanks to the collaboration of several international-level drivers and the numerous crash tests, successfully passed, the Turin company has put on the market a very light rib protector (only 720 gr.); in addition to being the lightest on the market, it may well be the most customizable of its kind, given the identity of the company whose brand it bears. 
“The cornerstones of our project were lightness, the best possible size, maximum safety and last but not least the possibility of customization in size and design,” explains Maurizio Ranieri, Project Manager, “and we can say that the objectives were all four achieved and overcome.”

How did you manage the fact that now, given the impositions of the regulation, there are more rigid parts than at the beginning and also in more sensitive points (for example: the rear part that connects the two lateral portions is now rigid and no longer soft, in an area such as that of the backrest which rests on the fiberglass seat)? 
We didn’t have any particular problems, perhaps due to the fact that it was a totally new project for us and our minds weren’t influenced by previous experiences, but we put together the drivers’ feedback and their technical vision.

So how did you change the shape of the side parts? 
We worked based on the human form for maximum comfort and safety.

With a thickness of the resin part of 4 mm, two different materials were used for K-BULL based on the position on the body of the protector: on the sides, a single absorbent foam material with memory effect of 10 mm thickness and 5 mm on the front part to protect the chest. In fact, we must not forget that the rationale that led the FIA to impose this type of protective device is that all the vital organs reside in the chest and that, like the skull, it is the most delicate area of all for a driver in a sport where this is – compared to single-seaters – completely exposed. 
For the interior, we used foams with a good memory effect and medium density which, in the event of a crash, limits the trauma to the driver to a minimum, and for the assembly a special internal laboratory was created to have maximum control over the production and speed in assembly, with the possibility of 100% customization in both sizes and graphics,” adds Ranieri.

The price, in addition to lightness, is the other strong point of the K-Bull: 399.00 Euros + VAT for the model with standard graphics. Obviously, as per the HRX philosophy, it will be possible to carry out any type of customization on each piece to make it unique.



Created by: cggiuliano - 20/11/23

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