Fia Karting calendar 2024 released

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The 2024 Fia Karting calendar is slow in coming out. It was rumored to be released today, October 19th.

While waiting for the official press release, we have unofficially collected some rumors from Radio box. The KZ world championship seems to be held in Portimao (PT) and the OK World Championship (UK) in PFI. As far as the European Championship is concerned, the novelty is the third KZ round, instead of two. While in the 4 rounds of the European OK and OKJ Slovakia appears for the first time with a newly approved track. In Italy we should only race in Franciacorta and perhaps in Val Vibrata, both for the European KZ. Val d'Argenton (F), Alcaniz (ES) and Kristianstad (S) should be the other tracks.
Also, the CIK-FIA is rolling out a 'National' version of its ranking. This roll-out will enable ASNs wishing to do so to manage their own calendar of Regional - National events and establish their 'National' ranking in categories integrated into the existing classes. Another change is the inclusion of a new Class 4, which brings together four-stroke and electric leisure karts used in leisure events, with the aim of incorporating all forms of practice and promoting diversity. As this is the most economical/affordable practice, it was important for the CIK-FIA President to consider it in the same way as the many drivers taking part in leisure events around the world. Through the deployment of a 'National' version from 2024, ASNs will be able to establish their own rankings based on the existing classes and thus qualify or honour drivers as they see fit. This ranking could be used to select drivers for the 2024 Motorsport Games. Additionally, electric drivetrain features were integrated into the Technical and Approval Regulations. The approved 2024 FIA Karting calendars are available here:


Stay tuned!
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