Karting Speed Record in Worlds first sustanable race track

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The record-setting electric kart achieved a top speed of 163 km/h (101,3 mph), solidifying its position as the fastest commercially available electric racing kart in the world.

Gotlandring in Sweden, the world's first sustainable race track, celebrated its 20th anniversary on September 2-3, 2023. This landmark event brought together celebrities, exclusive cars, TOP GEAR team, Formula E, and the world's fastest electric go-kart. Among the many highlights of this celebration was the establishment of a world record for commercially available electric racing karts, a testament to the electrifying future of sustainable racing.

Record-Breaking Speed
The record-setting electric kart achieved a top speed of 163 km/h (101,3 mph), solidifying its position as the fastest commercially available electric racing kart in the world. Impressively, this record-setting run required minimal modifications to the kart, idea behind this record was to show performance that you can get from “off the shelf” product.

The Technical Breakdown
Driver: Behind the wheel was the skilled Swedish go-kart driver, Leo Obrant. Track: The record attempt took place on Gotlandring's southern loop straight, covering a distance of 590 meters.

Kart Specifications:
Chassis: CRY32-S14 (Homologation N° 007/CH/12)
Powertrain: BSR 2.2 25kW+ version
Battery: BSR B5500 (Capacity: 56Ah / 5,376 Wh)
Gear Ratio: 14/21
Tires: Vega XM3-CIK PRIME

Ideal Conditions
The Gotlandring track provided the ideal setting with its southern loop straight—a 590-meter straight with zero elevation. To extend it a bit more, we started from the corner, resulting in a 615-meter straight with a braking zone. Ideal weather conditions included sunny skies and a gentle wind of 1-2 m/s.

Driver's Astonishment
Reflecting on the experience, Leo Obrant, the record-setting driver, expressed his amazement: "This was my first experience with electric karts. I have raced internal combustion engine karts, but the top speed in races for those is about 130-140 km/h. I have never driven a go-kart this fast." Charging Infrastructure and Sustainability Gotlandring is built for race cars, but options to vary layouts allow for kart racing as well. Gotlandring sets a new standard for sustainability, boasting an advanced charging infrastructure with chargers for electric vehicles, including fast chargers designed for electric race cars. Additionally, the track's electricity is sourced from on-site wind generators, aligning perfectly with the ethos of eco-friendly racing. Alec Arho-Havrén, Founder of Gotlandring, Shared His Enthusiasm: "This is a pure racing experience, the closest thing to F1 and Formula E racing. I'm telling everybody to come and try. This is amazing!" said Alec Arho-Havrén, founder, circuit designer, and chief instructor of Gotlandring.

Event Highlights
The celebration featured appearances by Formula E teams, esteemed TOP GEAR journalists, and a stunning display of exclusive cars and motorcycles. It truly represented an extraordinary amalgamation of speed, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

The Future of Blue Shock Race
Blue Shock Race, the manufacturer behind the record-breaking kart, is based in Latvia, with its electric kart and electrical power products available in 37 countries around the world and expanding. While this record signifies the readiness of electric karting technology, Blue Shock Race (BSR) focuses on enhancing the overall racing experience in the future. Plans include weight reduction, innovation implementation, and improvements in the overall driving experience.

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