Paolo Ippolito, World KZ Champion

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The last act of the kermesse also turned out to be full of twists and turns and a breathtaking finale.

Paolo Ippolito got the start right, while Trefilov complicated his life in the hot stages of the start.
And in this tense phase, it was precisely the German from Maranello who paid the price when he was accidentally rear-ended by Iglesias, but along with them came the two Sodi drivers Denner and Senna, as well as Leuillet and Albanese. In short, the best of the lot. Ippolito, meanwhile thought to put his foot down to gain as much as possible on Pex, Vigano and Gustaffson who from row 5 found himself in a tempting position. In fact, the Swede of CRG from mid-race, once he got rid of Viganò and S. Pex, began to chase the outrider, but the gap (over 2") was unbridgeable. And so Paolo Ippolito (KR/Iame) crossed the coveted finish line with a 4/10 lead over Gustaffson. Third Stan Pex.



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