Foré and Manetti, what a final!

- Races
Manetti, the fastest on the track, fails to prevail over a determined Forè. The finish is a photo finish.

In Wackersdorf, the KZ world championship gave the first spectacular act, thanks to the duel as predicted between Forè and Manetti. Four-time world champion Davide Forè built his victory at the start by immediately gaining on his pursuers. Manetti was delayed in the initial tussle with Bray and Mizzoni. Once second, he began an incredible comeback thanks to a round  of fast laps to close the 2-second gap with about ten laps to go. But the long-awaited overtake did not take place and after a few sparks, Forè managed to precede Manetti even if only by 15/1000 and reach the longed-for finish line of the fifth championship title. Third Mich. Unfortunate was Mizzoni, in collision with Simonetti in the duel for third place.


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