Powell Beats all in KZ2

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Alex Powell in KZ2 and Davide Foré in KZ2-Masters, occupy the top position in the standings after the qualifying heats.

In KZ2, where after three qualifying heats yesterday, each driver had four more today, Alex Powell confirms himself as the most serious candidate for the title. The Jamaican won three rounds today, ending qualifying with six wins out of a possible seven and in first place in the standings, although closely followed by local driver Niels Tröger, also the author of three wins on the day: both will start the pole position in the Super Heats. The rest of Saturday's victories were shared by Kean Nakamura-Berta (who failed to start in the last heat), Nikolas Roos and Thomas Imbourg, who won twice, and Daniel Vasile, Matteo Zanchi, Daniel Stell and Matteo Spirgel who won one heat each.

In KZ2-Masters, Alessandro Manetti confirmed his form by winning his two qualifying heats, including the fastest lap, which propels him to third place in the standings, behind Davide Foré and Daniel Bray, both winners of one heat of the day, who will start from pole in the Super Heats.


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