Karting and Sim Racing: neighboring worlds?

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Today we want understand if it’s possible to find a bridge that can link the world of racing with the world of simulation: stay tuned...(ab)

Is that possible to find a bridge that can link the world of racing with the world of simulation? In our opinion, YES, and this bridge can be found precisely in the discipline that we and our readers love most: karting. For this reason, we have decided to write a series of articles that support our thesis and, at the same time, increase awareness among our audience about the simRacing discipline. The first reason that leads us to believe that karting can act as a bridge between the virtual and real world is that many virtual drivers (called SimRacers) are passionate about motorsports and have extensive knowledge about this world but, unfortunately, do not have the financial resources necessary to start racing on the track in real life... The way to get closer to the world of racing and feel like drivers is therefore the driving simulation, a sector that has evolved at record speed in the last twenty years, as we will illustrate in the upcoming articles.
Moreover, it only takes a thousand euros or so to enter the world of simulation: an affordable entry cost for practically anyone.

If the main problem is therefore the availability of financial resources and, perhaps, the lack of specific technical skills and knowledge necessary to take part in the real track, here comes the world of karting to the rescue of the SimRacer through arrive and drive formulas such as Briggs and Stratton by Crg or any other B&S championship racing the world, or also through engines with simple maintenance and low costs such as ROTAX. The real problem, however, often lies in the lack of effective communication between potential customers (SimRacers) and companies/organizers. Over the past few years, we had the opportunity to talk to many virtual drivers at various organized events (for those who are wondering: yes, we also keep ourselves trained on the simulator when we are not on track) and we have unfortunately had to note that the vast majority of them have no idea what the real access costs of karting are, or conversely, they are just ‘shocked frightened’ by the insane costs of CIK FIA championships.

Therefore, we believe it is up to established realities such as Vroom, in collaboration with other companies in the world of Karting mainly aimed at the amateur market, to clarify the topic and try to improve communication with virtual motorsport components and, in general, with anyone who wants to approach this discipline. This will therefore be the main purpose of our series of articles: to make the two worlds known to each other and to establish strong links between them!


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